A wide variety of flooring materials, styles, and colors are available from which you may choose the best flooring option for your lifestyle. While you are waiting for the movers to take you to your new home, consider some of the materials with which you may cover the floors.


Carpet is one of the easiest floors to install and maintain and is the easiest and most cost effective to replace. A carpet is quiet, soft and warm underfoot, which makes it a much more pleasurable experience to set your feet on the floor on a cold winter morning.


Hardwood flooring is always in style and is a match for any home and office décor. Solid hardwood floors are available in a variety of stains, colors, finishes and visual effects. Engineered hardwood flooring is more eco-friendly than solid hardwood, with the same variety of choices, and is easier to install.


Bamboo is one of the greenest flooring materials because bamboo grows so fast and is a more renewable resource than wood. It has a natural beauty and is a durable alternative to hardwood flooring.


Cork is another eco-friendly, renewable resource for flooring material. Cork is the outer bark of the cork tree and is shaved from the tree every nine or ten years without harming the tree. Cork flooring is warm and soft and resilient. The polyurethane finish should be renewed every seven to nine years to retain, and extend, the life and luxurious feel of the floor. And Cork is a great insulator and absorbs sound.


Stone floors are among the most expensive of flooring options and they are the most durable. However, they are also the most difficult to repair depending on how they are initially installed. Marble and limestone floors readily absorb stains and must be sealed to avoid this problem. The movers aren’t here yet so take a look at more samples of the best flooring for your lifestyle.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Unlike natural stone tiles ceramic or porcelain tiles resist water, dirt and stains. These tiles offer a wide choice of colors, textures and shapes and are less expensive than stone flooring. Colors permeate the tiles and damage is less likely to be apparent.


Laminate flooring is affordable and easy to clean and maintain. They resist stains and are durable. Laminates are manufactured in a wide range of designs and colors to resemble real wood flooring. Laminate flooring cannot be refinished, but requires no significant maintenance over its lifespan.


Linoleum flooring is organic, made from natural materials like recycled wood flour, linseed oil and limestone. This flooring lasts a long time, but is stiffer and harder to install than its look alike and should be installed by a professional.


Less expensive than most other flooring, vinyl is durable, comfortable, easy to clean and water resistant. It is manufactured to be a close resemblance to a variety of other flooring materials.

Choosing the best flooring option for your lifestyle should be easy enough when you compare the flooring materials available.

Natural Mattresses vs. Traditional Mattresses – wynnefield properties

There are many factors that can affect a good night’s sleep, one of which is the type of mattress used. Fortunately, technology has enabled consumers to have a wider selection of mattresses to choose from. Shoppers no longer have to rely solely on traditional mattresses to get them through the night; they now have environmentally-friendly natural mattresses available to them. Here are some of the comparisons of natural mattresses versus traditional mattresses.


Traditional mattresses typically contain materials such as polyurethane and polyester. These products harbor chemicals that can cause health problems, such as allergies, asthma and SIDS. These mattresses do not allow air to flow through completely, so dust and allergens become trapped. Body moisture is absorbed into the mattress, which can lead to mold and mildew. Traditional mattresses must also be coated with flame retardant chemicals.

Natural mattresses, on the other hand, often are made of wool, cotton and natural latex. The wool is naturally flame resistant, and it repels dust and dust mites. Wool also helps regulate body temperature because it acts as an insulator, and it wicks moisture away from the body. Natural latex is made from the rubber tree and provides support for a comfortable night’s sleep.


A traditional mattress is constructed with springs to keep the mattress from losing its shape. This prevents the mattress from conforming to the sleeper’s natural contours, which often causes aches and pains in the morning. The springs lose their elasticity over time, and the mattress becomes lumpy and uneven.

Natural mattresses rely on the comfort of cotton and wool to provide a good night’s rest. This allows the mattress to adjust to the sleeper’s position to provide support. Natural latex has the added benefit of isolating the movement of one person so as not to disturb another sleeper.


Cost is a large factor for many consumers when deciding between natural mattresses versus traditional mattresses. Traditional mattresses are often less expensive than organic mattresses, but some concessions have to be made. For instance, chemical flame retardants are cheaper to use than wool, but they are more hazardous for consumers. Traditional mattresses are also easier to find, so consumers don’t need to travel as far to purchase them. Many stores, however, have begun to offer natural mattresses as a part of their inventory to make shopping easier for environmentally-conscious customers.

Environmental Impact

Traditional mattresses use chlorine-bleached cotton that has been grown in chemicals and doused with pesticides. They also contain polyurethane and polyester, both of which are synthetic. The production of these materials often results in chemicals being released into the air and local water supplies.

Natural mattresses use organic cotton that has not been exposed to toxic fertilizers or pesticides. The wool comes from animal-friendly sheep farms that are chemical-free. The natural latex is obtained by tapping rubber trees for milk. The trees are not cut down or destroyed.

If you are in the market for a mattress, consider your purchase from all angles, including the impacts of using natural mattress versus traditional mattress. Good rest is vital for a healthy lifestyle, and the perfect mattress will help you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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