Why Electric Scooters Are A Good Fit For Heavy Rides In 2021

Electric scooters belong in the hands of everyone, and rightfully so. When purchasing an e-scooter, those of you who are heavier should consider certain issues more heavily.


Everyone Has a Choice


The use ofthese environmentally-friendly vehicles has increased in recent years as the electric scooter business continues to expand into previously undiscovered territory.


With scale comes variability, especially in terms of weight. Electric scooters are becoming more popular among large people, but not all types are suitable for them.


Heavy Rider Buying Considerations Top Speed & Acceleration


The motor is housed in the steering wheel. There is one motor in each wheel on dual-motor variants.


To be clear, we’re not recommending that every rider acquire the 55 MPH Qiewa Q-Power, which we discussed in our fastest scooters guide, but it’s still vital to consider the rated speed when choosing the best electric scooter for heavy riders.


This is because speed and motor power frequently go hand in hand. If a scooter is marketed as having a high top speed, it will most likely be powerful enough to carry a hefty person up a steep incline. Keep in mind that if you’re close to a scooter’s maximum weight limit, you won’t receive as much speed and acceleration as the manufacturer claims, so keep that in mind while weighing your options.


Range & Battery


Next, look for scooters that have long battery life. The faster the power drains, the heavier the rider. This is why we recommend getting a scooter with a larger battery capacity than you think you’ll require.


At the end of the day, it’s preferable to have extra juice than to run out halfway home.

Scooters with short charging times might also be beneficial because the rapid emptying rate will be less of a load on you. A battery’s capacity (Wh) is calculated by multiplying the voltage (V) and amp-hours (A) (Ah). 


The more Wh your battery has, the more ‘juice’ it can hold. Keep in mind that heavy-duty electric scooters take more ‘energy’ to get going, so evaluating which scooter has the most range isn’t as simple as looking at the Wh figures.


Features of Construction and Safety

While those sleek, light e-scooters are always enjoyable to look at, they may not be the ideal option if you’re a little heavier. Durability should be your top focus in the true function above form way. E-scooters with heavy-duty construction will have a weight limit that can comfortably support larger people on the road. 


Aim for tough materials, such as the aviation-grade aluminum found in the Wolf Warrior 11 we recently reviewed. If you want to buy one of the speedier scooters, you should look for one with a good braking system. Dual brakes should be used in a decent braking system, one for each wheel. It’ll be much great if they’re hydraulic.


Suspension And Hydraulics


John Dunlop’s 1888 pneumatic tire and its descendants have gone a long way toward making heavy adults’ rides more comfortable. However, they can only go so far (no pun intended), which is why e-hydraulics scooters are so important.

Why Electric Scooters Are A Good Fit For Heavy Rides In 2021

Hydraulics can not only enhance the maximum load, but well-designed shock absorbers can also smooth out the bumps in your route. Keep in mind that high-end suspension systems can be expensive, so if you exclusively drive on flat roads, don’t spend too much money.


We always recommend that a decent electric scooter has either pneumatic tires or a shock-absorbing spring system. It’s much great if it has a booth!


Most entry-level models will rely solely on one of these two (usually just pneumatic tires), resulting in a less smooth ride than higher-end ones. For the best riding experience, a high-tier electric scooter for heavy adults should have both air-filled tires and spring suspension at the front and rear.




There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.


As you can see, the electric scooter industry’s significant advancements in engineering and inventive design have made it simple for adults of all sizes to enter the field. Finally, there isn’t a single greatest electric scooter for persons who are overweight. Many factors must be considered, like the amount of range required, your weight, your budget, and the power required to discover the model that best meets your demands. 


We included electric scooters from a variety of price points in our roundup, all of them have a high weight restriction. While adhering to this weight limit is critical for your safety, it is not the only factor to consider. If you choose a low-power model, for example, acceleration may be difficult, especially on inclines. On the other hand, if you choose the most powerful heavy-duty ones, you’ll save a lot of money, there is a trade-off in portability so if you want something compact to carry up the stairs and bring on the train, you want to find something more portable.

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