Why Choose CBD Dog Treats Rather Than The Regular Ones

As the CBD industry continues to widen its market, companies are producing more useful and unique products for everyone’s needs. Not to mention that animals like dogs can also benefit from these products considering its main ingredient is CBD (check this link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2020/08/19/cbd-products-pets/). However, many of us are still not aware of how this ingredient works in our bodies. How much more when it comes to our pets?


Before we dive into the benefits and facts around CBD, it’s important to know that while CDB may help remedy certain ailments, your dog needs many things to stay happy and healthy. In addition to any supplements you give your dog, they need regular exercise, vet visits, and pet insurance to help ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Dogs are playful animals, and they need proper nutrition to restore their energy and supplements to provide more vitamins and to treat whatever problem their body is facing. Most owners give their fur babies specific supplements that target a certain part of the mind or body.


Moreover, it’s also important to give our dogs treats, especially if they’ve been good pets. There are many treats from various brands in the market nowadays, which makes it hard to choose which is suitable for our furry friends. After all, dog owners need to look out for their fur baby’s nutrition.


One of the famous ingredients in dog treats these days would be CBD because of the health benefits it’s able to give. Regular treats may not have many beneficial properties in contrast to the ones infused with CBD. For example, according to holistapet, there is even a wide range of variants with different purposes. However, how do we know it’s as effective on dogs as it is on humans? To know the rest, just keep on reading.


Why CBD Dog Treats?

The CBD we all know is a cannabinoid called cannabidiol from the hemp plant under the Cannabis Sativa plant species. It’s one of the hundreds of cannabinoids in hemp that happens to be non-psychoactive in contrast to another compound from cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Psychoactive compounds can cause the “stoned” or “high” effect that marijuana users often experience. Now, as much as possible, we want to provide the best for our fur babies and rest assured that products containing cannabidiol won’t get them high since it’s a whole other compound. Not to mention that most manufacturers extract cannabidiol from hemp plants since they’re rich in CBD and have low THC content.


Compared to regular treats, those infused with cannabidiol aren’t only nutritious but also aids in managing and relieving certain health conditions that dogs may be facing. Moreover, it is also legal in most states considering the industrial hemp plant was legalized way back. Tetrahydrocannabinol, on the other hand, is both legal and illegal depending on the amount (read more). For example, it is considered safe to use if the amount isn’t past 0.3% since it won’t cause a high. Additionally, it’s very reassuring to know that any amount of THC that’s above 0.3% happens to be illegal.


The Benefits

The Benefits

Aids In Anxiety Treatment

Even our beloved pets can experience anxiety in their lives, and sometimes the level of anxiety they have can be quite alarming. A dog’s anxiety can be triggered by many things. It could be noises, strangers, traveling, and fear of abandonment. It was probably caused by traumas in their earlier months.


Although it’s normal for dogs to be anxious from time to time, it can get out of hand. Resulting in behavioral issues which may give you or your family a hard time.


Giving your dog medicine to balance their anxiety levels is a pretty good option, but is it that easy to give it to them? We all know that even dogs can get picky, and we can’t blame them. Luckily, CBD happens to help in treating anxiety in both humans and dogs. You can easily give it to them if it is already infused with a tasty treat.


Pain Relief

Dog owners would agree that even our furry friends experience pain every once in a while. It could be muscle or joint pain and even arthritis. Moving around would be uncomfortable for them if they had to endure all that pain. Not to mention that some dogs can be picky when it comes to what they eat, which makes it hard for you to give them regular medicine.


Dog treats, on the other hand, are tasty and appetizing for them. Hence, it’ll be easier to give them CBD dog treats because cannabidiol is well-known for relieving most types of pain in both humans and dogs.


Loss Of Appetite

Dogs can lose their appetite because of various reasons, but one thing’s for sure, it’s not very healthy to let them skip meals. Without eating a proper meal, they might grow weaker because of the lack of nutrients their body receives. On the bright side, CBD can boost their appetite, and you can use dog treats to trick them into eating.


Cannabidiol can interact with the ECS or Endocannabinoid System, which explains how it’s able to boost a dog’s appetite. Now, a lot of people have been wondering how CBD products work. Well, here’s the answer.


What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

The ECS is a biological system that is bound with cannabinoid receptors and is composed of endocannabinoids. Both humans and animals like dogs and cats also have an Endocannabinoid System, which explains why CBD is effective on them too. The ECS can regulate many processes in our body, including memory, energy balance, and appetite. Cannabinoids like cannabidiol from cannabis can interact with the receptors, hence, making the benefits possible for dogs as well.

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