car accident

Right after a car accident in Spokane, you have a lot to handle. If you have sustained injuries, you should call 911 without any delay. Next, call the local police immediately and inform them of the accident. It is always wise to wait at the accident scene, and in the meanwhile, you can use the time to exchange personal and insurance details with other involved drivers. Note down the details of the accident scene, take photos of your injuries and damaged vehicles, and ask for the contact details of witnesses. When a police officer arrives at the scene, share your version of the crash, but don’t admit fault or blame anyone. Once the hustle settles, call a reliable car accident attorney in Spokane. Here are some circumstances when you need an attorney. 

When you have a share in the fault

Car accidents often have more than one party at fault. Washington is a claimant-friendly state, which means you can get a settlement even with a higher fault. This is a pure comparative fault state. However, what you get from the given settlement depends on your fault share. In the real world, insurance companies will try and pass the blame on you, or the claims adjuster may try to undermine your claim’s worth because of your fault. If you had a share in the fault, call an accident attorney to represent you. 

When you have sustained serious injuries

Serious and catastrophic injuries can change your life forever. If you have sustained injuries like multiple fractures, disfigurement, permanent damage, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries, speak to an attorney. For such cases, the compensation should be considerably higher. Your lawyer can check your medical records, talk to experts, and find more details to know the worth of your accident claim. Your compensation should cover your immediate and future medical care, loss of wages, and other losses. 

When there were many vehicles involved

If the accident involved many vehicles and drivers, you need to get an attorney without delay. It is important to determine fault and liability, which won’t be easy without a lawyer. Attorneys know what it takes to evaluate claims and find the party responsible for the crash. Also, they can negotiate better, which is a huge skill because as we all know, insurance companies never really play fair when it comes to accident claims. 

You can check websites like Google or Nolo to find reliable lawyers in your area.

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