While you look at any of the random URLs, you might find out that there is an extra ‘s’ after the HTTP, while many of the sites lack ‘s’. Have you ever wondered what that ‘s’ after the HTTP stands for? That S at the end denotes that the site you are browsing is secure and safe, which many of the sites lack. At the same time, you might also wonder if this S has any extra effect on SEO or not. The answer to it is, yes, HTTPS does have significance in your site’s SEO. But for better understanding, you need to know more about it. You can avail of Dallas SEO to get the HTTPS for your secure site. Here is what you need to know about it:

What is HTTP?

The HTTP refers to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used to make communication possible and easier between the various systems. It mostly helps in transferring the data from a server to a browser. This data is exactly what you see when you open a website.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS, on the other hand, stands for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The S in the HTTPS refers to security. As information flows from the server to the browser, it can get manipulated, stolen, or hacked due to various vulnerabilities. Thus an SSL certificate helps to create an encrypted connection between the two of them communicating devices which helps in protecting the user data and the other sensitive information.  Apart from HTTP, HTTPS is more secure for your site.

What importance HTTPS has for your SEO?

HTTPS comes with a variety of important areas for SEO. Obtaining an SSL certificate for your site can come up with a huge number of benefits to improve the SEO for your site. Here is how the HTTPS can impact your SEO more positively:

  1. Ensures the security for your site

With the help of HTTPS, you can ensure that your site is completely secure.  Google offers preference to HTTPS over HTTP so that the victors can have a very secure experience for browsing. The world of the web is full of vulnerabilities like hackers, viruses, etc., who keep dragging the business website and other websites to tamper and collect the data of both the page owner and the user. Thus the HTTPS helps in preparing the information of the user, such as personal or card details. It keeps all the data safe and secure, which is very important for the user’s safety.

  1. AMP

This particular thunderbolt-like symbol in the AMP is very crucial. This symbol represents your website to be an AMP optimized one. The advantage that you get from the AMP is, the AMP optimized pages help in reducing the time for the page loading and improves the bounce rate of the page while making it mobile-friendly. At the same time, it is highly efficient to boost the performance of your SEO. To enable the AMP on your website, having an HTTPS or SSL certificate is very important. It renders a signal that your site is secure and also keeps improving the performance.

  1. Improves your Google Ranking

HTTPS is highly efficient in improving the ranking of your website on Google.  You can notice that almost all the pages on the first page come up with HTTPS. Google helps secure sites more to secure a very improved ranking on the SERPs.  On the other hand, Google does not prefer showing its users those results which are not secure. Thus, to improve your performance and ranking on Google, it is better to work on your SSL certificate.

  1. Helps in trust-building

Trust building is highly important to make sure that your website is very secure. As you visit a website, your browser will show whether the connection is secured or not. Not any of the users will want to go for a transaction with your site if it is not having security. This is why the HTTPS sign at the beginning of your URL is very important, which can effectively boost your traffic and help you to deliver a sense of security to your visitors. Especially if you are opening an eCommerce site or online business website, then HTTPS is the must-have measure for your site.


When it comes to boosting the traffic on your site and improving your conversion rate, you must not want to compromise the security of your site. Thus the HTTPS for your SEO is very significant to ensure that your site is performing well and offering the proper protection to the data, which can boost up your ranking also.