Free style is an image style with or without automatic beats, in which words are read without any specific theme or structure. It is similar to other corrective music such as jazz, in which the lead singer performs a unique performance with a rhythmic backup band. This is the way of reform / freedom. Rape music is usually played at parties to encourage people to start streaming.

How to rap, Big Daddy Kane and Micah 9 Note that Big Daddy Kane can impose any topic at will, he said: ” In the 1980s, we said we wrote a free rap song. This means it is poetry. From the style In other words, it is basically self-reinforcing poetry.

There are two types of freestyle. There is an old-fashioned freestyle style, which is basically poems that I write without themes and are ubiquitous. Then there is the freestyle technique to give you peace of mind.

Methodology of improvised freestyle

Many rappers learn rap music through free lessons, and through free speech or play poems, they regularly practice their playing methods, such as teaching rap. The reasons for freedom of movement include recreational rehabilitation activities, various forms of rap music, self-promotion, improvement of diversity or spiritual activities.

In live performances, better free-to-play gameplay can also be used to provide viewers with extras and cover up mistakes to prove that the free style was invented at the same time (as opposed to the free style that has been written or reserved)., Rappers often mention places and things. In the environment near them, otherwise they will seek advice on how to play.

Freestyle style is the same as Capella, bat boxing (defined in freestyle or equipment copy. Freestyle is usually performed in a group setting called ” password ” (or ” password ” ), or as part of ” freestyle “.

Due to the carefree nature of free swimming, it is usually easier to keep your weight and rhythm relaxed than traditional rap. Many artists’ freestyle styles are based on their current state or state of mind, but they have a large number of songs and ready-made poetry patterns that can be used as fillers. Freestyle can also be used as a way to write songs for albums or mixed songs.

Types of freestyles

In modern times, with the advent of leagues such as King Dot and Ultimate Rape League, most battles have some free terms. This leads to more complicated knots and insults.

With the 1980 development of the early years of hip-hop music, a lot of rappers are by freestyle and reputation fa play. Fighting can happen anywhere: informally on street corners, on concert stages, at school, or in combat procedures (such as Scrabble Jam or Blaise Beetle.

Blade is where rappers, beat boxers and / or dancers meet informally in circles to play music together. In recent years, the term has also been used to mean people who fight for freedom, including spectators and spectators.

The work of this group is to encourage competition on the one hand, and to increase the social influence of the rap struggle on the other. If you add the code and can reach storytelling and prove its uniqueness, the coding is called hip-hop community reputation is built or dispersed “, you may be more Rongyijieshou.  The team also spreads information about hip-hop style and knowledge through word of mouth as a way to encourage other fighting trends.

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