greatest common factor

Factors of the number can be perfectly defined as the numbers that will be dividing the original number very evenly or exactly. The very basic meaning of the factor is the whole number that can divide a greater number very evenly. Every prime number will be having only two factors which will be number one and the number itself and on the other hand, every composite number will be having more than two factors which will even include prime factors as well. Factors can even be present in the cases of algebra expressions and for this purpose, people need to be clear about the factorisation process as well.


By the very formal definition, the term factors mean that these will be the values that will be dividing the original number into equal parts four numbers. In the cases of factors of square numbers, the square numbers will be the one that has been produced with a number that has been multiplied by itself. For example, 2×2 will be four, 3 to 3 will be nine, 5×5 will be 25 and so on. Basically, there are three types of formulas for the factors which have been explained as follows:


  • Number of factors: The formula for this particular concept can be given by the total number of factors is equal to A +1, B +1, C +1
  • Sum of factors: The formula for this particular system will be given by X raised to power A+1-1/X -1 into Y raised to power B +1-1/Y -1 into Z raised to power C +1-1/Z -1
  • Product of factors: This particular formula has been given by N raised to power the total number of factors/2



Hence, it is very much important for the people to be clear about the entire process of finding out the factors of a number as well and some of those basic steps are explained as follows:


It is very much vital for people to be clear about the calculation of the factors because it is extremely crucial in the world of mathematics. The steps of finding out the factors of the number will be given below and for this purpose, people need to write down all the numbers within the specified range and then check out how many numbers can divide that particular number from the list of numbers so that fraction can be created and people can have proper access to the whole thing. On the other hand, one can also depend upon the shortcut method which will be based upon the combination of different kinds of factors and it is vital to be noted that negative factors whose count has to be done as even.


At the time of calculating the factors of large numbers, people need to divide the numbers with at least prime number which will be two and if it will be not divisible by two then people to move to the next prime number like three and so on until one has been reached out. So, in this particular area people also need to be clear about the concept of prime factorisation so that there is no query in the minds of kids at the time of solving the questions and they are very much capable of ensuring effectiveness and efficiency simultaneously. So, depending upon platforms like Cuemath is the best way of ensuring that people will be having a good command over the concept of finding out the factors of a number very easily.


The experts present over here will help in providing the people with the real-life examples associated with the process of finding greatest common factor so that overall goals are easily achieved and kids can score well in mathematics exams. Being clear about all these kinds of technicalities is vital for the kids so that there is no issue to them at the later classes in mathematics.

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