Picasso is one of the most famous painters and is known greatly all over the world for his art work. He is Spanish and was fond of painting from youth. His father was also a painter who liked to draw natural living things like bird. Picasso learned painting and sculpting from his father who was also a professor of art.

Picasso has made many types of pictures that include normal type paintings and abstract art as well. During the life of Picasso, he went through certain periods and made painting according to those phases in life. One of these types is known as Picasso’s blue period in which he drew most in mostly blue color and light green sometimes but very rare were other colors seen. So the paintings made during this time are usually mono colored and the main subjects for the article were beggars and other such ignored people. It is believed that this period started from 1901 till 1904 and started due to some tragic events in which the suicide of his friend was also a cause.

And after the blue period, in 1904 till 1906 remained another period that is known as the Rose period. This period contains paintings that are made mostly by pink and orange colors and has look of happiness in it. The main types of character that were used during this period were circus performers and acrobats. And a specific character was used in these paintings of Picasso that usually had check pattern fabric on it became a recognition icon for Picasso.

After these came a period which used impressions that were African influenced and remained like this till 1912 which mainly shows abstract form of art and shows African related characters.

Painting Frame – west virginia paint

Buying the painting you love and chose to decorate your personal living space is the first step in adding your personal touch to the interior décor: choosing the painting frame though, in the case the painting doesn’t have originally one or you simply don’t like it, can be of crucial importance, since the right choice can enhance your art piece and draw even more attention, making it absolutely unique and particular. Sometimes the frame can be more impressive than the art piece itself.

Painting frames are one more way to personalize not only the art piece but the room as well: frames exist in all kinds and types, in an abundance of colors, materials, sizes and shapes: wooden frames in mahogany, oak or cherry wood, ceramic, metal, glass, even marble and granite stone frames are available, making your choice both hard and easy at the same time. It is extremely important to evaluate the painting you have in order to choose the right frame : an antique piece of art usually needs an antique heavy wooden frame to compliment its value and style, while landscapes usually go very well with etched frames or some elegant once that enhance the subject’s beauty and originality . Portraits and watercolors can be set off and elevated in a somber metal frame with fine finishes and border.

In order to choose the perfect frame, you need to decide in advance where you will mount the painting and what the surroundings are: a lounge has by default different character from a bedroom, and the rest of furniture and wall colors can play a decisive role in your choice. The painting frame should fit and suit in the room and space where you intend to hang it, otherwise it might be create an indifferent and dull aesthetic result.

Choosing the right painting frame can be in fact very tedious, thus it’s a very good idea to take a look online and choose among a rich variety of materials, colors and types. After all framing Art pieces is an art itself.

Original Paintings – west virginia paint

The world of original paintings takes you to places that only your imagination will dare to go. Beautiful backgrounds and vibrant colors take you to the places of the artists mind. These paintings reflect what the artist is thinking and feeling.

There are many different types of original paintings to choose from depending on your style. You can choose from colorful abstracts, contemporary art or even realism. Your choice may be made by the décor that you have in your home. It could also be made just because a picture strikes something within you and moves your soul.

Once you purchase your first original painting it can become an addiction. You may even find that you have a favorite artist such as Arthur Miller, Michael Sieve or Gustav Klimt. Your original painting purchase is judged on your taste and mood.

The prices can range anywhere from $100 to $5,000 and up. Depending on the artists work that you choose to purchase will make a difference in the cost. If an artist is extremely popular than his or her work can be very expensive. Once you start your collection of original paintings you will find that you will purchase at least one for every room in your home. As I said, they become an addiction.

These paintings are one of a kind and are waiting to be bought by you. When shopping for your painting, let your mind be free and your eyes open. Soak in what the artist is telling you and try to put yourself in there shoes. Don’t wait to long as someone else may have spotted the same painting you did and get before you have a chance. Your painting may be worth a great value one day and handed down between generations.

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