Despite the efforts to increase safety at construction sites, the number of people getting injured every day does not look great. To this day, thousands of workers get injured, and many of them die annually due to an accident in their workplace. While there are many reasons for the fatalities, there are some that top the list. 

If you work at a construction site and have faced injuries, you might be confused about your rights. You may not know how to proceed from there, especially if it happens to you for the first time. The employer is supposed to aid the injured employee with workers’ comp. To know how the process works, consult an attorney today. 

Top common construction site accidents 

  • Falls. 

Slips, trips, and falls top the list of common construction site accidents. Falls usually occur due to uneven surfaces, improper ladder use, improper mounting and dismounting from equipment, or lack of protective equipment. Spills and leaks usually cause slips and falls. It is important to keep the area clean and clutter-free to prevent such accidents. The employer must also make sure to prove protective equipment and that everyone uses them. 

  • Demolition accidents. 

Demolition of buildings is not an uncommon sight in construction areas. Demolition is usually done using dangerous explosives, placing the workers in immense danger. Although such accidents are avoidable if the right steps are taken, construction workers should be provided with the right equipment. Some common demolition injuries include lacerations, burns, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and fatality.

  • Electrocutions. 

Electrocution occurs when an electric shock passes through your body. It is one of the most deadly accidents you can be in, and in most cases, it has the potential to cause a catastrophic injury. According to the American Safety Council, nearly 10% of the total construction site fatalities are caused by electrocution. Most cases of electrocutions are avoidable and occur because of a lack of safety measures and protective equipment. 

  • Caught in/between. 

This type of accident occurs when a worker gets caught between two or more objects. For example, a vehicle may trap a person against a wall, a worker’s body pulled into a machine, or materials collapse on someone. These accidents can be prevented if one is aware of their surrounding environment. 

  • Fires and explosions. 

Fires and explosions can happen on numerous occasions at a construction site. They usually occur because of equipment malfunctions, improper handling of flammable materials, chemical and gas leaks, and electrical issues. Such accidents can cause first, second, and third-degree burns and even lead to death.

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