Top 5 Trusted iPhone App Development Companies in 2021 - 2022

The process of creating a mobile application is very complex and time-consuming. It also requires a lot of skills and experience to be able to compile the code the right way and make it work as intended. Not even talking about how crucial creating a user-friendly and functional design is.

Every single detail in an application can either bring it to the top and make it popular worldwide or be the reason for its failure. For example, a single bug can be the reason the program’s primary function isn’t working. And when we’re talking about mobile banking apps, such issues can lead to huge monetary losses. Yet this is only the simplest of examples, as there are hundreds of things that can go wrong in software development.

When talking about the iPhone application market, the demanded quality of the software is even higher. That’s because Apple users tend to expect higher quality in all aspects. And that’s the reason so many companies trust professional iOS development services to develop the software for them. Yet, there are thousands of such businesses on the market, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

When talking about the iPhone application market


Analyzing Your Requirements

To find the perfect iOS development center, the first thing you require to do is a deep and thorough analysis. First of all, start with the main idea and the purpose behind the software. What is the goal of the program? Why does it need to be developed? What the main functions will be?

This is crucial, because different software suits different purposes, obviously. For example, a logistics-monitoring program that’s going to be used in a huge international conglomerate will be developed with a completely different approach if compared to a simple CRM for a local coffee shop.

Also, determining the core function of the application helps to realize its general properties and secondary features. The more complex software you require, the bigger the size of it will be, and the more features it will include. Of course, it’s not always the case, but that’s how it is in most situations.

Here are some other aspects one should determine as early as possible:

  • Platform/device type availability
  • Secondary features
  • Third-party integrations or the lack of them
  • Target audience
  • Type: hybrid, native, or web
  • Price: free, subscription, or purchase

Generally speaking, the more things you can determine before hiring iOS application development services, the better. Why? Can’t these companies do everything for me? Yes, they can, but it’s also in your interest to know these things.

Firstly, it helps you start certain processes that don’t involve the development itself. For example, it lets you come up with the marketing strategy from the very beginning, making it much more cost- and time-efficient.

Secondly, it will enhance the communication between you and the hired company. Knowing your requirements and being able to state them precisely helps the developers realize what they need to do. That, in its turn, eliminates the possibilities for misunderstandings and improves the quality of the product.

misunderstandings and improves the quality of the product


Best iPhone Application Development Services

Now, let’s get to the list of the best iPhone application development services. Some of these have been on the market for decades, while others are relatively new. Some are huge and contain thousands of employees, while others have only a few dozens of devs.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that hiring any of those will provide you with the software of the highest quality in the end. Remember, that not only means the program itself, but the support for it, including testing, bug fixing, and updating.


Develux was originally a pretty simple startup, back in 2014. But because of their true dedication and talent, they have been growing non-stop ever since. Today, Develux is one of the most trusted companies on this market. They offer any IT-related services one can imagine, from SEO and digital marketing to custom software development.

Geographically, they are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. This ensures high cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to US and EU-based businesses, and the highest quality of the services themselves.

El Passion

Located in Warsaw, Poland, El Passion has been around for more than a decade now. Their portfolio houses more than 300 successful projects, including such clients as Polaroid, Booksy, and Varner. El Passion provides a variety of different services but is known very well for its creative and innovative UI/UX solutions.

Also, a great thing about this company is the level of care they pay to their employees. Why is it important? Because it ensures that the developers love what they’re doing, and will put all their efforts into making your project successful.


EMERGE is one of those IT businesses that know the market inside out. The company was created back in 1998 in Portland, Oregon, and has been accumulating experience for more than 20 years now. This leaves no doubt that the quality of their services is on the highest level, and that only the best methods and approaches will be used.

They have worked with huge corporations and small businesses, and all of their clients were always satisfied with the result. For example, the list of EMERGE’s partners and clients has such known names as Nike, Cambia, GAP, Hewlett Packard, Mercedes-Benz, and so on.


Another great Ukrainian app development center. Though, unlike Develux, CodeIT is situated in Kharkiv. Yet, it pretty much doesn’t matter, as these professionals constantly work with businesses from all over the world. Their level of expertise allows them to take even on the hardest of the tasks without paying any attention to where the client is located.

CodeIT specializes in mobile software development but is always open to collaborating on more complex and specialized projects too. One can be sure that everything will be done in the best way possible, as they have worked with more than 500 companies, and know all the nuances and challenges that can happen.


DevX is a very skilled group of professional web and mobile developers that created their own company back in 2016. Originating from Chezh, Prague, these specialists have already worked with many known corporations like Skoda and Hyundai. Their software solutions are very popular and have millions of users.

Also, keep in mind that DevX doesn’t only do web and mobile development. Their pool of expertise includes e-commerce and digital marketing too. That means no matter what your wishes and requirements are, they will be able to turn them into reality and make the application successful.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right mobile software development company can seem as simple as searching for a new phone. However, it requires a bit more tedious approach, as this choice not only determines the quality of the app you’ll receive but also can be the start of a prosperous partnership.

It’s important to be precise with the analysis of your requirements, and being able to state those demands to the hired services is just as important. So, do a deep research of the market, compare your needs to what’s available, and we wish you to find that one perfect company that will turn your dreams into reality.

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