Unfortunately, personal injury can occur in many forms and places. Contrary to what some might believe, dog bite cases can be severe and leave the victim in worse conditions. In such cases, it will be ideal for the victims to check out brianazemikalaw.com for legal assistance in dog bite cases. 

Besides hiring a lawyer for a dog bite case, it will also be necessary for you to be aware of the tips to deal with a dog bite case. Without prior knowledge about handling such a scenario, victims might experience delays in getting medical help. As a result, injuries can become severe and medical expenses can rise significantly. 

How to handle a dog bite case? 

After getting bitten by a dog, the first thing you need to do is check the bite’s severity. If someone with you encounters a severe dog bite, you call 911 to get medical treatment at the earliest. 

  • Rinse the area. 

It will help if you rinse the area where the dog bite occurred. The dog bite victim should rinse the dog-bitten area with clean, warm, and soapy water in a gentle manner. Rinsing the area will help you eliminate any harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of the wound becoming severe. 

  • Pressure 

After rinsing the area, one should apply a small amount of pressure on the wound. By using a minimal amount of pressure, the bleeding will increase. However, you should know that the bleeding will be temporary and clean out any excess bacteria. 

  • Clothing the sound 

When you apply pressure on the area where the dog bit, you will need to cover the wound with a cloth as it will bleed for some time. Putting a material over the wound will help you stop the bleeding and protect the injury from the environment. 

 Antibiotics or ointment

Antibiotics or ointment will be a necessary step after a dog bite. After the bleeding slows, you should apply ointment and a clean bandage. Apply the bandage firmly so that the wound gets adequately covered. 

  • Bandage 

It would help if you kept changing the bandage regularly. If the bleeding continues, you should change the bandage every few hours and use a clean one. 

Additional steps you should take when facing a dog bite:

Besides taking self-care after a dog bite, seeking medical attention is necessary if the condition worsens. You must seek medical attention if you notice any of the following symptoms: 

  • Injury oozes discharge or pus
  • Redness or irritation 
  • Fever 
  • Swelling 
  • Increased bleeding
  • Visible tissue, such as bones or muscles, after the bite 
  • Warmth or tenderness when the wound is touched 

As a result, you should have the wound examined and seek treatment. It will significantly reduce the pain and suffering caused because of the injury. 

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