Water color painting could be marred by several factors including poor brush handling and bad color mix. You need to have washed laying skills and you must know how to handle your water color painting brush properly. You can do this by creating stroke patterns on your painting material; make sure you concentrate on the white lines you are making between the strokes you are designing on the printing material. Restrain yourself from touching any previous stroke you made.

The second step is for you to mix several puddles of colors in your water pellet. A larger continuous brush strokes can be created with the use of a large painting brush. Your water color brush must be loaded with paints. You can start painting winding lines across your painting page and keep the width of the brush stroke as consistent as you can. You can also constantly recharge your brush after each painting session.

The second step in learning how to control your brush handling while engaging in water color painting is to wash your brush while your paint stroke is still wet. You can grab the next color and start pulling the next linear stroke beside the last stroke in the first session. Between each stroke, there must be a white paper separation so as to prevent the touches from meeting each other. The success of this step is that the thinner the white stripes get, the better and more professional you will be able to handle your water color painting brush.

You can repeat these strokes and design several times. These exercises will require that your hand remain steady while you are making strokes on your paper. Do not bother if your painting strokes meet each other on the paper, the most you make these stroke designs, the better your brush control abilities on your water color painting.

Wall Paintings – till paint

Wall painting is not only about painting your walls different colors after a large amount of time it’s about process and making change. Most wall painting gets experience of making new things happen such as If you want your living room to be more relaxing. Relaxation is a big thing in adult life, after you reach adult and get to be doing your own things after a while it isn’t as fun as you thought it may have been while you were a child or an anxious teenager.

Say you wanted your young child to feel like he or she was in candy land at all times, you could wall paint and make a mural for your child. Such as if you found your relaxation spot in the Bahamas at the clear water beaches, that would be and idea to do in your reading space. Wall painting is typically done with a roll on brush but when you get more into the crafty side instead of using a wet down and dry piece of wall paper you are going to get the feel of what defined and distinctive art may feel like.

The paint you use for the wall paint you want to make sure that it completely satisfies you or your buyer and completely refines it for what it is worth. Wall painting is such a thing as coloring in a coloring book as a child. When you were growing up and just started coloring you were scribbling in and out of the lines and didn’t care, this shows aggressiveness.

But as you got older and colored for your parents it was important to stay in the lines and make it to where no white parts of the pages were shown. Wall painting is just like this and shows emotions also. A good artist never lets the white show.

Vintage Paintings – till paint

One meaning of vintage is having a prominence in its time. Vintage cars for example are cars that have been very popular and famous in its time. Vintage paintings are paintings from the past which shows the good or prominent aspect of a certain era. Any painting of any era can be included in this category as long as it has any thing concerning with a period in time and a place or person of it.

The vintage painting can be made with any category in mind. If there is any person of suppose 1960, and the painting is about them, then it can be considered a 60s vintage painting. A painting can also present something in a hilarious manner which may make a fun impression and can still convey a message that maybe a certain logic was considered at that time which may now be just something to laugh about. Some paintings are made about an object that gained popularity in that time. A car maybe shown to relate to a time which can mean that the specific car gained a lot of popularity in that time.

The vintage paintings found are normally of either a human picture or an object that wishes to convey any message. There maybe some pictures of that show a woman in a scarf and loose clothing. This means that the certain time had a custom among the women to wear loose clothes and a scarf. Similarly, other such pictures may show certain qualities or negative aspects of the society. Some are amusing to see and some are not as good looking for a person but all try to convey something in their own manner.

Portrait Paintings – till paint

Portrait paintings are the one and only original scene that comes straight from what it really is. If you walk by a Chinese restaurant and you see a picture of a beautiful Chinese female in her china attire with chopsticks in her hair, this is Portrait painting. The artist of which who had draw this picture has had this same woman in front of him posing in the direction he was most comfortable.

And there is a very big chance that whatever paintings are painted in the portrait paintings was not directly in front of the artist. This reason being is that artists of portrait paintings are capable painting something just identical to a photo. This would be hard to do but most of the time this is what a portrait painting consists of. Not only in the older times but even now families will submit family photos to be sketched out by a portrait artist just for the rich and wealthy feel.

Not only do portraits look good in your home but they also make you look like you have a lot of money put into it due to its distinct marking of an artist’s signature at the bottom. Not only could it be a sketch of your family but it could also be a portrait or George Washington that hangs in your family area that makes a look of him almost like it was just taken. But also make him look like a porcelain doll.

Many of the portrait paintings that artists will draw in this day and age will like to have a hobby of drawing real people but making them look as beautiful and unique as a collectors doll and give the personality to the portraits a whole new name. Many things can be done when it comes to art.

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