London’s street art scene is growing rapidly and includes a wide variety of artists. London is home to many unique artistic expressions, including the colorful graffiti murals in Shoreditch and the surreal, colourful artwork of Malarko. There are many forms of street art. But some stand out. Let’s take an in-depth look at the most prominent.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane, located in the East End’s heart, is a hub for street art. It’s also a hub for multiculturalism. This area of London has seen many immigrants. These streets lead to Shoreditch or Bethnal Green.

Street art can be found everywhere, including in shops and buildings. Some pieces are stencilled while others are spray painted or covered with stickers.

The area surrounding the Seven Stars pub is one of London’s most popular spots for street art. This abandoned space is now an art gallery. The former location was originally built as a tavern and now has a collection murals on its walls.

On the other side of Sclater Street is street art. Although it isn’t as popular as other areas, this side of Sclater Street has some the most beautiful street art in the region.

Roa’s delicate heron is another prominent Brick Lane mural. This mural was the first to remain up on Brick Lane, and it has been resurfaced several times since.


Many impressive pieces of street art London can be found in Shoreditch. Many artists come from all over the globe to create art in this area. It is home to many artists from around the world and is worth a visit.

Shoreditch is an East London neighborhood that’s very trendy. It is home to a vibrant culture and an eclectic street art scene. This makes it a great place for a day.

You will find a variety of galleries throughout the region. The Serpentine Gallery, Lazinc Gallery and Tate Modern are just a few of the galleries. These galleries have all featured work by urban artists.

Shoreditch is home to a lively bar and restaurant scene. If you love beer, this is the place to be. A tour of local art is also possible.

Brick Lane is a great place to find street art in Shoreditch. This street is home to the UK’s most vibrant street art scene. You can get help from a knowledgeable guide to navigate the area.

Wilkes Street is another area worth checking out. You will find many murals and graffiti on this street.


Dulwich, a small suburb of London, is one example. The Dulwich Picture Gallery is located here, England’s oldest and most prestigious art gallery. It has recently added street art to its walls. These murals were inspired by paintings in the gallery and were painted by artists from around the globe.

A collection of murals from south London is the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery. These murals are inspired by paintings from the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The project involves several artists, including Remi Rawlins, Thierry Noir, Conor Harrington, and Conor Harrington.

The Dulwich Picture Gallery houses fine arts museums that house classic Baroque works. It houses paintings from this period as well as works from the Renaissance and Romantic periods. The gallery added street art to its collection this year and invited well-known street artists to create murals.

A cafe is also available at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which can be found on College Road. It is however quite expensive. Visitors can also join the Dulwich Picture Gallery for free during the day.


Penge, a small suburb in south London, has a lot for street art lovers. It is located right below Waterloo Station, and has easy access to London by train and bus.

This is a great area to explore, as some of the most interesting street art can be found in quiet residential streets. Some of London’s most famous murals can be found here.

This borough is home to many artists, ranging in scale from small stickers to large-scale murals. While many of these works are on private property, some can be seen on public walls. Penge’s art scene is so well-known that an annual festival has been established.

This self-guided tour by London Calling will take you through Penge’s most unique and interesting art pieces. This will take you to Penge’s rooftop gallery, an exciting new art project that is attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Although it’s not an easy trek, it is well worth the effort. You will walk through many areas of Penge including the High Street and Linden Grove, Anerley Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Sydenham, Camden, and Linden Grove. It takes less than half an hour to get from Penge to London Bridge or Victoria by train.

Nomadic Community Garden

Nomadic Community Gardens are an area for art and creative projects in London Shoreditch. You can also learn gardening from other people at the community gardens. This has been a popular spot in the region. It hosts many activities, including workshops, music events and festivals.

The East End of London is home to this community garden, which has transformed an empty space. The garden has been open to public for four and a quarter years. It is currently managed by volunteers.

The community project brought together people from all walks of the globe. This garden serves as a place for learning and gathering, helping to build bridges between communities.

160 allotment plots are available at the Nomadic Community Garden. Graffiti is used to surround some plots. Some of the allotment houses are also mini cafés. The huts are also open for coffee and brunch.

Street art and other installation are common in the gardens. They are made from found objects. The garden is open from 10 am to 10pm. It is closed Mondays.

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