How Technology is Affecting Soccer Betting in 2021

Description: Technology has found its way into the decision-making structure of soccer games. It has helped to reduce human errors. This innovation in the game also affects the outcome of bets.

How Technology is Affecting Soccer Betting in 2021

Technology goes a long way in determining the outcome of football games. We have seen it more than often in recent times. They help the game officials to make vital decisions during the game.

These recent innovations can go a long way to change the results of games. Some of the common technologies in soccer include:

  • Goal-line technology
  • Smart ball system,
  • Hawkeye system
  • Goal referee system
  • Foam technology
  • Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

How Technology is Affecting Soccer Betting in 2021


Each of these technologies has improved the game in their way and caused its fair share of controversies. Can you imagine yourself celebrating after a player scored a last-minute winning goal?

Then, goal-line technology reviews the goal and claims that the ball did not cross that line. In recent years, the Video Assistant Referee has been the bone of contention during controversies. In this brief write-up, we will discuss the VAR affects soccer betting.

Another area where technology is affecting traditional sports betting is the e-sport domain. The e-sport betting wing has attracted a lot of players and bettors. Will people eventually favor e-sports betting compared to soccer betting in the future? We will discuss these issues as you read further. Dive in!

How has the Video Assistant Referee Impacted Sports Betting?

Footballing authorities created the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to improve the match officials’ decisions. It aims to bring fairness to the game. Football fans have given mixed reactions over the performance of VAR.

Some people claim that it has improved the game in terms of rectifying offside. Others are ranting about how it has ruined the fun of the beautiful game. This school of thought claims that similar offenses in different games are getting different rulings from the VAR.

Whenever the referee signals that they are going to use the VAR, fans get apprehensive. Experienced punters know that soccer betting is vast.

It is possible to place a bet on almost anything in the game – number of goals, number of corner kicks, and number of bookings. In this case, it is no surprise that soccer betting enthusiasts usually discuss the impact of VAR on football matches.

Let us imagine a typical example. Imagine that Chelsea has a game against Liverpool. The game ends 2-1 in favor of Chelsea. The VAR denied two of Liverpool’s goals due to an offside and a handball incident.

Mike, a passionate Chelsea fan, placed a bet that the game will have an outcome of three goals or less. If the VAR didn’t checkmate Liverpool’s two goals, Mike’s team would have lost the game and he would have also lost his stake.

Consider the case of Muller, a diehard Bayern fan. He placed a wager on a game between Bayern Munich and Shakter Donetsk. His bet was on Bayern to win 1-0.

Then, Robert Lewandowski scores a winning goal in the last minute. Muller is off his seat, celebrating, and throwing his fists in the air. Then, VAR cancels the goal due to a suspicious handball in the build-up play. Muller loses his bet.

VAR has also affected the in-play betting – Bet Types process of the game. When the bookmaker has paid earnings to punters, VAR review comes in the way to overturn the decision. And that is true. Sometimes, the VAR does not intervene when it is meant to.

Bookmakers have complained that VAR is not applied consistently, especially in the most important scenarios. It is becoming harder for them to set the prices of their live betting offers.

Sky bet, a prominent soccer betting site, has claimed that punters will not get in-play betting earnings until the football match ends.

We can say that it is too early to conclude about the overall impact of VAR on soccer betting. Let us hold on for a few more years to observe the ripple effect. In the meantime, click the link to get the most amazing sportfogadás bónuszok.

Can E-sport Betting Replace Traditional Soccer Betting?


Can E-sport Betting Replace Traditional Soccer Betting?

E-sport games fall under another category of technological products that people place wagers on. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed interest in e-sport betting to spike.

The global lockdown in 2020 led to the shutdown of several soccer leagues and tournaments. People could bet on soccer, tennis, golf and other sports.  More people got accustomed to e-sport betting.

It seems like this new form of betting is here to stay. The goal of e-sport betting is not to replace traditional sports betting. Statistics and the knowledge of basic facts have a big story to tell on this issue.

Both e-sport betting and conventional soccer gambling are based on a league or tournament knockout format. They are also based on money line bets. E-sport games give room for more handicap bets compared to soccer.

Fatigue and injuries are more prevalent in soccer compared to e-sport tech gaming. E-sport betting helps sites to make huge profits. Several games attract a large number of stakeholders, gamblers, and viewers.

Sponsorship deals are also making the sport grow. From the outlook of things, e-sport gambling cannot replace traditional soccer betting.

As long as the beautiful game exists, people will always enjoy it and wager on it. In the nearest future, the most likely outcome is that e-sport betting and soccer gambling will run on two parallel lines. Click on the link to get an overview of az Euro 2020 eredményei.


The Virtual Assistant Referee, Goal Line Technology, and other innovations have served as a good means of reducing human errors in soccer. These technologies have impacted the betting experience of soccer fans.

They can either mar or make the returns on your wagers. You could be on the winning side today and the unlucky side tomorrow, thanks to these technologies.

E-sport betting is also getting more popular every day. It doesn’t seem like it can replace soccer betting completely. As long as both sports continue to exist, we will enjoy them.


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