Recent development in technology has made multiple living sector change. People tend to use e-money more instead of cash payment. The use of marketplace and mobile apps for online shopping, car rental, motorcycle pick up, and food delivery has rapidly increased. This development encourages business industries to adjust and develop accordingly to match the demand and necessities of society. When a business has a strong capability to see any opportunity in the society and able to adjust to any recent changes, it will have higher chance to thrive. As a result, there are many innovations in business industry of the recent era.

The millennials or the people (young generation) who live in this era has followed the latest trend and updates on technological and lifestyles. Some millennials create new job opportunities buy utilizing social media, marketplace, and related stuff since they are tech-savvy. Moreover, they understand social platforms better than the previous generation due to their rapid adaptation on the fast-changing pace of the technology and trend. In addition, the millennials have made entrepreneurship as their lifestyles. Hence, most of them are entrepreneurs who run businesses. They start small businesses from utilizing social media and technologies. It has generated an unpredictable revenue from new business perspective.

Types of Business Ideas for Millennials

There are various ideas on how the millennials seen opportunities in the recent updates and technological development. Here are some types of millennials business you can try on these days.

Blogging is one of the millennial businesses you can try. It may take several time and process to make your blog earns you income. Yet, when you create entertaining or informative content, your blog will attract visitors. Then, you can use advertisement and sponsors for ad sense that will give you stable income from blogging.

Youtube is a social media platform. It contains of various videos that you can watch online. Recently, millennials have utilized Youtube as a medium for earning money. Youtuber or vlogger can post various entertaining videos to generate viewers. They can create partnership with sponsor for ad sense. They can feature a product or service as their content to attract customers.

Social media influencer is also millennial business idea. Social media influencer can use multiple platforms for the business. Instagram and Tik Tok are the most common social media apps which influencer use for business. These apps have features that support online business, promotion, and customer engagement. Successful influencer will be able to attract a lot of customers to purchase the products. In return, the influencer will get benefit from the sponsor.

Web Design and development is the profession with most demand these days. The demand for web development and design increases, especially during the development of virtual era. Small business even requests for a website to sell their product or service. Therefore, they need to hire web developer and designer to help them personalizing and managing their website. Align with this profession, graphic designer and content writer are millennial businesses. Graphic designer offers the service of designing a graphic or illustration for logos, timelines, packaging, and so on virtually or printed one. Meanwhile, content writer offers companies article contents for their websites.

Online retail is part of millennial business ideas. It promotes buy and sell activities. There are a lot of marketplaces which people can sell and buy products. As part of online retail business, you can sell your secondhand stuff to marketplace for more profit. You can also buy cheap and new products on the marketplace and sell them again for a slightly higher price to make profit.

Online course is a solution for education problem during the pandemic period. Starting this millennial business is simple and beneficial. You can connect to some or many students everywhere virtually, provide a tutoring lesson or consultation, and they pay for the service. You can also sell educational material online or during the online course for your student and you can ship them. Tutoring is actually a profession that exist for a long time. However, the online version has made its functions better. The development of technology has made this business thrive when the offline course may have no students due to pandemic.

Owning food stall is an entrepreneurship business that will generate a lot of income, especially when you have chain of food stalls as a business. To make this business fits the millennials, you can sign up for online food delivery such as Uber Eats. Therefore, you can reach the millennial customers and expand your business further. Food industry can be a massive craze among millennials when they fit the standard and taste. Therefore, applying the suitable strategic marketing plan for promotion on your small business in food industry is essential.

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Tips for Millennial Business

There are various opportunities that you can get from the development of technology. Being a millennial means that you must keep up with the social and technological trends. Keeping up means that you can use this chance for your small business in promotion and marketing campaign to attract customers and generate revenue. You should learn the updates on technology or the latest trend to be able to adjust your business concept better. Hence, you can provide the best product and service that the society needs. There might be issues and obstacles in millennial business, especially when the internet breaks down. You need to prepare for any worse case when you can rely on technology, so that your business can still operate under any circumstances.

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