Finding great designers is hard. And there are some hints in which direction you want to go before hire ui developer.

Up to the request

Some of the not-so-honest ones say they worked on some site, but in reality they were a secondary designer or only did one very small part with ui ux development services.

Specific questions are extremely simple: What is the most difficult thing for you when working in a team? Tell us about your experience working with a problem team. What was your role and what were the problems? What aspects of teamwork bring you joy and satisfaction?

Unpleasant events happen at every turn. Let’s say you got a new job, and your prospective boss quit three days later, or the job doesn’t meet your expectations. Successful people don’t get upset if life throws them lemons. They make lemonade and don’t get hung up on trouble. And yet, a positive attitude towards life alone will not be enough. You need people who can proactively solve problems and move forward quickly.

A good candidate does not have time to look for the culprit. He is responsible along with other team members, and says “we” more often than “me”. Watch these words.

Responsibility is required in many processes. You don’t need energy vampires – they can destroy everything, even if they brilliantly cope with their tasks.

To weed out such people during the interview phase, you have to make candidates feel sorry for themselves, as odd as it sounds. Ask about a situation in which someone treated the applicant unfairly, and then empathize with him.

This character trait is associated with a host of other qualities that will come in handy – empathy, creative thinking, a desire for new things and the ability to learn quickly. Ask the candidate what he is good at. His answer doesn’t have to be work-related.


How to hire

What to ask about? Ask the candidate to talk about how much he wanted something, persistently pursued his goal, and finally achieved it, overcoming all obstacles. While listening to the answer, pay attention not only to the problem itself, but also to the period of time in which everything happened. You need to understand how persistent the one who is sitting in front of you. How long can he struggle to solve a problem that interests him?

Such a quality as perseverance often manifests itself in the most everyday things, that is, one should not expect heroic stories from a candidate. On the contrary, it is likely that the story will be very boring, but from it you can recognize a person who can do a good job.

Every day, new information and tools for obtaining it appear in the world, and this is great! However, numbers alone do not mean anything. “This is true for any job, regardless of its level. Every employee, be it a manager or a simple performer, must have an analytical mindset and strive to find answers to questions on their own. There are a lot of tools for this today, you just need to use them correctly. Scrupulousness – it is the candidate’s desire to comprehend facts, integrate information from different sources, interpret it correctly and make important decisions quickly. Whether you are looking for a data scientist or a client manager, he must be able to do it.

Almost every company has cross-functional teams, many areas are becoming more transparent, and employers are looking to strengthen their teams by making them more diverse. Thus, the foundation for a healthy and active team can be professionals who are able to understand and accept different social styles. Look for candidates who clearly see their strengths and weaknesses and are empathetic, that is, they have the ability to empathize and have a high level of emotional intelligence.

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