Having sexually active can give you several benefits. One of them is stress relief. However, sexual activity can be a ‘nightmare’ for some people. If a woman may have vaginismus, a man can have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition where the penis is unable to have an erection. This sexual disorder is a severe problem, especially for men. Besides, some of their partners are also feeling the same. Both of them cannot feel the good quality of sexual activity. Here are some signs that you have if you have an early stage of erectile dysfunction.


Signs You Need to Aware

Some men may do not realize that they are in an early stage of erectile dysfunction. People with sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction sometimes come to a professional or doctor when it has reached the next stage. It is not too late, but early prevention is the best way you can do it—these physical signs and conditions you need to be aware that may you have erectile dysfunction.

· Cholesterol and hypertension

Cholesterol levels and blood pressure can indicate that your erectile function is in jeopardy. Maximum cholesterol is 240 milligrams per deciliter (milligram/dL) or higher, while blood pressure is 130/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Cholesterol and high blood pressure can make blood vessels lose elasticity, so they don’t function properly. Because it is inelastic, it is difficult for the blood vessels to dilate as they supply blood to the penis.

· Waking up in the morning without an erection

Men generally have an erection in the early morning hours, and it has nothing to do with sexual arousal. The condition occurs because the brain releases less non-adrenaline during sleep. This hormone functions to prevent an erection from occurring without stopping. Waking up with an erection is a good thing. It shows healthy blood vessels so that it allows blood to flow properly to the penis. When erections start less frequently in the morning, it could signify that the blood vessels are not working as they should.

·  Swollen gums and easy to bleed

Your gums are often swollen, painful, and bleed easily when brushed? This symptom does not directly cause erectile dysfunction, but it can be a trigger. Gum disease can cause inflammation throughout the body and cause blood vessels to break. If the blood vessels are damaged and not functioning properly, it will be difficult for blood to flow to the penis.

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Sleep Disturbance Can Be One of The Sign

Million people have sleep disturbance in the world. That is why some men do not realize that they may have an early stage of erectile dysfunction, as sleep disturbance seems a general disorder for some people. Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea or shortness of breath can cause erectile dysfunction problems. Based on research about sexual medicine, nearly 70 percent of men with sleep apnea also suffer from erectile dysfunction. Besides, it says sleep deprivation causes testosterone levels to drop and can make you feel more stressed or anxious. The two disorders are libido killers that men most experience. Besides sleep disturbance, you also need to be aware of the following signs:

· Rarely think about sex

For men, thinking about sex is a natural thing. But if it is done less often, testosterone levels are likely lower than normal. This is the primary hormone in charge of sex desire. Besides rarely thinking about sex, signs of low testosterone can also be seen from fatigue or mood swings, difficulty building muscle, or even digestive problems.

· Taking certain drugs

Another sign is when you have to take certain medications, such as antidepressants and hypertension drugs. Some of these drugs make it harder for sex hormones, such as norepinephrine, to reach the brain, causing your libido to decrease. Blood pressure medication is really needed for people with hypertension. The impact is very good for overall health. Unfortunately, it will have an impact on sexual life. Low blood pressure means that less blood flows into the veins in the penis. It is estimated that 70 percent of men feel the adverse effects of this hypertension drug, then stop taking it. The solution is to ask the doctor to change the type of medicine. There are several types of drugs that are classified as safe.


Medication Recommendation You May Take

Once you found out that you have those signs, it is time for you to see a professional or doctor immediately. The faster medication you get, the better result you will have. The professional or doctor may give you medication like a Tadalafil prescription. Medicine based on Tadalafil prescription can cure or reduce erectile dysfunction and impotent. However, you must know that this medicine must be based on the doctor’s Tadalafil prescription.