Here is a huge collection of kitchen design ideas and pictures. Browse through these pictures of kitchen designs or jump right to kitchen decorating themes for specific styles. Enjoy!

Apartment Therapy has such a fantastic collection of kitchen photos. This modest little kitchen has such a nice eclectic look with the colorful cups and retro chairs and table. Want to see more examples of eclectic kitchen designs?

Paint is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to update your kitchen. Bright, cheerful colors convey a sense of health, happiness and vitality. The lime green inside the cupboards feels cheery and adds a personal touch. Read more kitchen decorating ideas for more tips.

Modern kitchen designs are perfect for those who like a nice, clean, minimal look. And as you can see from this kitchen picture, you can add funky artwork and fresh flowers to make your kitchen feel more inviting and personal.

Open shelving and bright red kitchen cabinets make this kitchen feel so fresh and chic. What a great way to add interest to a very small kitchen.

This kitchen design — a nice hybrid between a modern and Asian kitchen design — is so well organized… as every kitchen should be!

HGTV is another great resource for kitchen design pictures. In an era when granite is synonymous with “high-end design”, it is so refreshing to see white quartz counter tops. The light colors, along with simple details like the fresh fruit help make the kitchen feel abundant, fresh, and full of vitality.

A movable island on caster wheels is a great way to add versatility to a small kitchen.

As discussed in kitchen decorating ideas, your kitchen design should be functional and easy to cook in with lots of storage. You will be much more inclined to prepare wholesome homemade meals if you enjoy cooking in your kitchen. A general rule of thumb is if you don’t use it every day then store it out of sight.

According to feng shui kitchen design, the ideal kitchen is clean, light and airy. Even if you don’t believe in the whole feng shui thing, you can see from this kitchen design picture that the light colors, ample sunlight, and openness just “feel right.”

Another feng shui kitchen decorating tip — keep all of the surfaces clean and free from clutter.

Many people love the country-cottage kitchen style. This kitchen is a beautiful example of a country kitchen with the white cabinets, crafty tile, and enticing details like the rooster statue and the work table doubling as both storage and eating space.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match finishes. This kitchen design is quite an interesting blend of white and natural wood finish cabinets.

Your kitchen isn’t only for preparing meals, it is also a wonderful place to connect with your family. Warm, earthy colors like reds, yellows and oranges actually stimulate conversation and openness.

Interesting tile and stone work along with wood details make these modern kitchen designs feel warm and inviting.

Beautiful and thoughtful design details add an old-world charm to this kitchen design — just look at the ornate kitchen island, the rustic stove hood, and the whimsical light fixtures.

Organization is key in good kitchen design. A general rule of thumb is if you don’t use it every day then store it out of sight.

It is no surprise that many kitchen designs opt for a predominantly white color scheme. White feels so clean, refreshing, and uplifting. If you have a lot of open shelving like this kitchen, you might to consider subtle or even monochromatic dishes to keep the space from feeling chaotic.

Ideas for Decorating Kids Bedrooms – romans decorating products

Here you’ll find some fantastic ideas for decorating kids bedrooms along with inspiring pictures. These creative and meaningful decorating tips will help build your children’s self esteem by allowing them to create their own personal space. Read these other kids room decorating ideas to learn how you can help your youngster explore and develop his or her own identity.

All of these kids room decoration ideas are from Kelee Katillac’s fantastic book “Kids’ Sacred Places: Rooms for Believing and Belonging.”

Kelee Katillac has some really good ideas for decorating kids bedrooms. This hand painted decorative pillow doubles as self-esteem booster with the small pocket designed to hold a list of powerful affirmations.

If you are in the process of decorating your kid’s bedroom, use this opportunity to foster personal expression and creativity. By encouraging your child to create artwork and other meaningful personal objects, you will actually help your child to develop her own sense of identity. Let your youngster contribute with her own sense of style. You can find some really cheap basic table lamps to decorate.

A well-done design can actually encourage a better relationship among your children. In this example, two dueling sisters were able to develop a more nurturing and positive relationship by decorating their bedroom together. The hot pink walls, silk flowers, and positive phrases make this space feel uplifting.

Redecorating does not have to be expensive. You can easily refurbish an old dresser with colorful paper, buttons, and other decorative objects. Read these cheap decorating tips.

It can be difficult to find boy’s bedroom designs that are creative, uplifting and actually serve as a positive influence. We love this room with the lamp and window shade adorned with pictures of positive male role-models.

Let your youngster choose the theme, paint colors, accessories, and artwork for the bedroom. By doing so, you actually help to create a sacred space where your little one can feel safe to be his or herself.

Decorating a kid’s room can be fun, whimsical and refreshing. Get creative!

Apartment Decorating – romans decorating products

Looking for apartment decorating tips to transform your drab apartment into a stylish abode — without losing your deposit? You’ve come to the right place. Living in a rental space is tough, especially when rental rules and landlord laws limit your decorating options. These expert tips for decorating an apartment will give you all the inspiration you need.

17 things you can do to make your apartment your home, without losing your deposit!

1. Take stock of what you have.

First things first, you need to take stock of what furniture you have. What do you love? What can you re-purpose or refurbish? What do you need to buy? You need to decorate for the basics: sleeping, eating, sitting, and storing. Decorating an apartment doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Read these budgeting decorating tips for more ideas.

2. Prepare yourself.

Want to know how to decorate your apartment the smart way? Set a budget and time frame. This is a rental property after all – you don’t want to spend your life’s savings and years of hard work. Invest in a few quality pieces and accessorize with more wallet-friendly items. Consider the time you are willing to invest. If you plan on decorating your apartment with flea-market finds, how much time are your willing to spend refurbishing furniture? Be realistic.

Image from

3. Design a floor plan on paper.

Your apartment decorating will go much smoother if you design the layout on paper first. When laying out your furniture consider the views and start with the big pieces first (like the couch). Think about the flow of traffic in a room. You don’t want to navigate around a bunch of furniture to get to the kitchen, but you also don’t want to push all of your furniture to the edges of the room. The seating shouldn’t be too far apart. Pull it away from the wall to create cozy conversational areas.

Image from

4. Cover it up with paint.

If your landlord permits you, paint is an easy and cheap way to add color and enliven any space. If you can, cover up those walls and ugly kitchen cabinets with your favorite color.

Image from

5. “Wallpaper” with fabric.

This apartment decorating idea is a gem from the book First Digs by Yee-Fan Sun. Either staple the fabric to the wall or use starch (liquid starch) to adhere fabric to the wall. Simply slather the starch on the wall a little at a time using a sponge or paint roller and gently smooth on the pre-washed fabric. Come move-out time, just dampen the fabric and peel off, then wash the walls with some soapy water. Love it! Need more instruction?

Image from

6. Invest in an area rug.

An area rug can hide ugly carpet. It will also act as an island, anchoring your furniture.

7. Buy some lamps.

Most apartments are burdened with horrible overhead lighting that is both harsh and uninviting. Nothing adds more ambiance and mood to a space then soft, layered lighting. Add lamps with dimmer switches and soft incandescent lighting to create a cozier room.

8. Hang artwork.

Personalize your home with artwork that you love. Consider the white space before decorating haphazardly with wall art. Some tried and true tips are to cluster your pictures together and keep them at eye level. If you can’t put holes in your walls, then collect oversized objects that add interest. Looking for cheap wall art ideas?

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