The wonderful thing about entertaining is that it provides a chance to escape the woes and worries of everyday life. It is a chance to connect with others. These table decorating ideas will help you celebrate those special moments with family and friends by going that extra step. The time and care put into setting a table for family or guests is an expression of love, so please enjoy these simple table decorating tips.

Set the mood.

Before you start decorating your table, decide what kind of mood you want to impart. Do you want a relaxed, comforting vibe? Then take an earthy approach with warm, neutral colors, handcrafted wood and ceramic accessories, recycled glass and linen fabric. Wooden serving bowls and woven grass placemats would work wonderfully. Maybe you prefer something more exciting and “spicy”? Look for table decorating ideas that feature boldly patterned ceramics, warm reds, deep jewel tones and metallics. For something a little more modern, choose glass, ceramic and stainless steel table decorations along with cool colors like frosty white and charcoal, bold accent colors, and simple geometric patterns. If you prefer more traditional table decorations, then opt for porcelain, silver, and cut crystal. Think simple colors and patterns, vintage silverware and napkin rings and fine tablecloths.

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Focus on lighting.

No other element of decor makes more of an impact on the mood of a party than lighting. When the lighting is right, people look and feel wonderful — you never see harsh overhead lights at a fancy restaurant do you? Candles are a perfect way to create a soft and pleasant atmosphere. Cluster candles to create a dramatic effect.

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Make a statement with color.

Just like lighting, color can instantly renew your table. A bold runner and napkin can transform your boring dining room table into an elegant party.

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Use what you have.

Review what you already own. When you buy something new, make sure it coordinates with your existing china keeping in mind that color unifies everything. When setting a table, begin with the essentials. Start with the tablecloth or placemats then choose the china you will include. Accessories like place card holders, finger bowls, charger plates, and crystal are the finishing touch. Don’t worry if everything doesn’t match — your gathering shouldn’t look like a restaurant. Contrast can be a wonderful thing. Try alternating place settings or mixing pieces within one place setting. Get some wonderful table decorating ideas from these photos of dining table decorations.

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Take a fresh approach.

Look around and see things in new ways. Flip silverware upside down. Mix and match plates. Put flower arrangements in tins or jars, adorn your table with potted plants. Using familiar things in new ways will delight your guests and show off your personal style. Get some creative table decorating ideas here.

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Stay within budget.

You don’t have to stop entertaining just because you are on a budget. You can skip the expensive flowers and make your own arrangements and table decorations. Try making your own paper flowers, decorating the table with fresh fruit, or creating your own hand-printed linens. Are you feeling stuck? Get some ideas from these pictures of cheap table decorations.

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Whether you prefer classic, modern, formal or casual, these dining room decorating ideas will help you to design your dream space.

Keep the goal in mind.

Ultimately, the dining room should be a place where you can gather with friends and family. Therefore, you should create an intimate and tranquil atmosphere where you can reclaim the ritual of dining. Before you embark on your decorating project, consider what this means to you. Would you prefer soft lighting and warm colors? Or would lots of natural sunlight and open, airy spaces suit you better? How can you create a dining room that feels peaceful and relaxing? What kind of space would you like to hang out in? If you need dining room decorating ideas, check out these unique and beautiful dining room interior design pictures.

Choose your style.

Once you have considered the qualities you would like in your space, choose your style. Do you want a more formal dining room or a casual, relaxed feel? Do you prefer modern or traditional? Look at pictures of dining room designs to get some ideas for how you would like to decorate.

Start with the basics.

When decorating a dining room (especially from scratch), start with the basics. Buy the basic furniture and begin adding accessories, color and texture.

When purchasing your dining room table, figure about eight square feet for a table for four. Don’t forget that you will need about 36 inches around the table so that you can pull the chairs out comfortably. A round table is great for conversation and will help soften a boxy room, a small square table is perfect for small dining rooms, while a long farmhouse-type table functions well in rectangular rooms.

As for seating, make sure that every member of the household has a comfortable seat. Realize that you don’t have to buy a matching set of chairs. Diverse chair styles add a lot of character. You can mix-and-match styles – even incorporating love seats or benches. If you love an eclectic look, choose chairs in a diverse palette of paint colors and fabric chairs covers.

Choose your colors.

It’s important to choose colors you like. Even better, choose colors that are tranquil, serene, and “appetizing.” Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow stimulate conversation while earthy colors feel inviting and welcoming. Check out some beautiful design pictures to get some dining room decorating ideas.

Select the perfect lighting.

Lighting sets the tone and mood for the entire space. So as you can imagine, soft and subtle lighting controlled by a dimmer switch works quite well.

When selecting your dining room light fixture, it’s important that it doesn’t overpower your table or look too small. A good rule of thumb is to measure your table’s width or diameter and then subtract 12 inches from that number. For instance, if you have a 42 inch wide table, your light fixture should be 30 inches in diameter.

The light fixture is the focal point of the dining room, so make sure you position it well. The light fixture should be centered above the table to create a balanced look.


Accessories create a dining room that is uniquely yours. Artwork, area rugs, mirrors, window treatments and other decorative accents add character, color and contrast lending a finished and professional look.

If you have a formal dining room, go for an oversized oil painting or ornate mirror above a buffet. Have a more casual dining room? Try displaying your favorite accessories on floating shelves — you can even add some bookshelves to provide an informal, relaxed vibe.

Don’t forget dining table decorations. A gorgeous centerpiece and elegant table settings make all the difference. Need dining room decorating ideas for your table? Check out these fabulous table decorating ideas.

Don’t forget storage.

Slim profile storage pieces like side buffets, china cabinets, and shelves use up little space while providing handy storage and display space. In addition to cabinetry, consider plate racks, wall shelves, and corner china cupboards.

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