People around the world are now beginning to understand what the propagators of Eastern medicine were saying since several centuries regarding the benefits associated with all powerful reishi. If you are able to fully understand the benefit that this wonder mushrooms brings to the table, then you will know why the Taoists referred them to as the providers of immortality.

Here’s why everybody should consider consuming this natural herb:

1] Immune system gets improved a lot

The biggest benefit one can draw from this mushroom is getting the immune system improved. A well-tuned and strong immune system can make a lot of difference to you. Therefore, if you want to start a program to fine-tune your health then this mushroom is what you need to have the most. The vital components of this mushroom will help you fight against toxins, bacteria and viruses and thereby lessening the chances of you falling sick.

2] Stress will be lessened

Though not many people know, stress is one of the major reasons why people die each year around the world. These natural herbs help in reducing stress to a considerable degree and make people calm down. When people are overly stressed out they are literally fighting against their own immune system. In consuming this natural herb, people can lessen their stress levels and improve immune system considerably.

3] Treating arthritis

There are millions of people suffering from arthritis world over. And each of these people experience pain at different stages. In consuming this natural herb, people suffering from arthritis can help alleviate these pains. The important ingredients present in the herb are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

4] Non-toxic and safe

The best part with reishi is that it has no side-effects and is non-toxic in nature. Therefore, it is one of the safest herbs you can take without suffering from any symptoms. If you take this herb on a regular basis, your immune system will improve a lot. The stress induced by your body over the years also lessens considerably. Your body will feel vibrant and full of energy for many years to come.

Protein shakes: a beginner’s guide – hermiston foods


The overall category of protein shakes carries a certain mystique because you really need to understand what you want to achieve from your physique and what your body type is before you can even begin to understand which protein shake best suits your needs.

Here is a short breakdown of the protein shakes available to today’s consumer and why they might want to use them:

Whey Protein

Whey protein is quick release protein which is best taken pre and post workout to ensure that the body has the right levels of proteins available to prevent muscle wastage or catabolism.

Slow Release

Slow release proteins help by maximising the bio-availability of protein for muscle repair as the body looks to repair itself following intense exercise. This kind of protein is best taken before bed so that as the body rests and recovers, there is enough protein available for the muscles to repair.


RTDs or Ready-to-Drink protein shakes are made for the consumer on the move. They can contain any kind of protein but they are ready mixed and come in a bottle or carton, not surprisingly, ready to drink. These are a convenience purchase for times when your tub of powder and a water fountain are out of reach.

Protein shakes can be consumed for a number of reasons, from a meal replacement formula to help you lose body fat, as part of a 5 to 6 meal a day plan, or to build muscle and help you add size to your physique.

One thing that the intake of protein could affect is your digestion, but this is common and there is an easy way around this. If your appetite seems to vanish 1-2 hours after drinking a shake, simply adjust your mealtimes. As long as you’ve left an hour between a meal and a workout, your body shouldn’t have any further problems. Lastly, food should still remain the focus of any diet, with protein shakes acting as an excellent supplement to someone wanting that little bit more out of their workout.

Author Bio: Samuel Dane is self-employed blogger as well as content writer, who dedicatedly write on the topic of health and fitness issues. By this article he wants to focus which protein shakes is suitable as well as good for the consumers. If you would like more information on bodybuilding nutrition or if you want free workout routines and lifetime tips you go through

How to Select the Right Probiotic Supplement? – hermiston foods

Have you experienced food poisoning or a yeast infection? Have you just finished a course of anti-biotic? Then your physician may have suggested you to take some probiotic supplements. The digestion system becomes sluggish after food poisoning. Yeast infection on the other hand results in the development of bacteria that promotes excessive sugar intake. Anti-biotic kills the friendly bacteria in the gut. Probiotics are prescribed by physicians because they help in reestablishing friendly bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics are live cultures that are grown in a lab. Probiotic supplements contain these live cultures. Buying such supplements can be confusing. There are a few things to consider before buying probiotic supplements. The following guideline may help you in this regard.

How to buy probiotic supplements?

    Instead of choosing a supplement yourself, it is better to consult your physician. Especially if you are going to take the supplement after a serious medical issue, make sure to take supplements prescribed by your physician. Ask your doctor when you should take the capsules. They are taken after meals.

    While buying probitoic supplements check whether the cultures are sweetened with maple syrup, sugar, fruit syrup of cane juice. Look at the label for live cultures bifidus or Lactobacillius acidophilus. Probiotics with these live cultures are only viable if you keep them in a refrigerator. They are no longer viable after being exposed to heat.

    Buy probiotic supplements with gastro defense coating. It is a good choice because the coating helps the supplements not to get effected by the stomach acid.

    Check the refrigerated section of your nearest health food shop. You will find various options here. There are people who can not digest diary products. Vegetarian caps are available for them who can not digest capsules made from gelatin.

    Read the label carefully to know about the quantity and potency of each live culture. While some probiotics are made of one type of live culture, some others may be made of more than one type of live cultures. Per capsule may contain 3 to 4 million cultures.

When it comes to probiotic supplements, you should always buy it from a well known brand like jg supplements. This will ensure that you get the best supplement that is not only safe to consume but is effective as well. Doctors also suggest such brands. Consult your physician and go for such a brand that ensures effectiveness.

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