Oscar Grind’s betting strategy can make a profit only in theory. There is an insoluble contradiction in the game system itself.

Oscar Grinde betting system was used to play in casinos. It was described in the book “The Casino Player’s Guide” from 1965. Then this financial strategy has moved into the world of sports betting. Let us analyze the principles of the game on the strategy of Oscar Grind and compare it with the Martingale system.


The essence of Oscar Grinde betting strategy

The essence of Oscar Grind’s betting strategy is to increase the bet amount after winning and return to the original amount after two consecutive wins. It is actually very similar to the Martingale system. When playing with the Martingale financial strategy, you need to increase the amount of the subsequent bet by twice after each loss, until the first profit is made.


The basic principles of Oscar Grind


Take odds from 2.00 to play Oscar Grinde.

The size of the initial bet in the system should not exceed 5% of the bankroll. Thus, in a series of unsuccessful bets player can lose the entire bankroll.

After a profitable transaction, double the amount of the next bet. In case the second bet also played, the round is considered completed, the bet amount is returned to its original value.

The bet amount after losing does not change.

The cycle is open as long as the net profit is less than the first bet.

After the cycle is completed, the bet amount returns to the starting value.

The Martingale strategy

You need a large bankroll to play the Martingale strategy so you do not lose your bank after a long series of failures.

The Martingale system is sufficient for one run to make a profit. But with each subsequent loss increases the betting amount and the risk of draining the entire bank increases.

Oscar Grinde's system in sports betting: a strategy similar to overtaking

Oscar Grinde strategy can be profitable, but it is unlikely. At odds from 2.00 you need at least 50% passability. Given the margin of bookmakers, bets on this system always have less than 50% chance to pass, according to analysts’ calculations.


source: betting tips

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