For those looking for an island getaway, many might be wondering how long to spend on Norfolk Island  – 5,7, or 9 days?

Well, while the island is small – 34km₂ to be exact – the island has a huge amount of activities to take part in. Norfolk also has a unique and well-documented history that is a big draw for any culture buffs out there. Between amazing hikes, museums abound, great food and much more, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing activities.

So, depending on how much time you have, you will never be short of fun and relaxation on Norfolk Island.

5 days on Norfolk Island

Five days on Norfolk Island is an excellent option for those with a more limited schedule. With five days, you will be in for a jam-packed holiday with lots to do. With this comes limited downtime to relax in the various locales across the island.

On your 5 day trip, rent a car and head to Ansen Bay, an amazing lookout to rugged cliff sides and turquoise waters. A priority for your trip should also be to head to the UNESCO world heritage site. The island has a unique and varied history that is marked by museums, old buildings, and ruins.

Mount Pitt is also a highly recommended destination for Norfolk Island, with the best views in the area. Heading up the mountain is a must do for any travellers on a five day trip and can be reached by car.

7 Days on Norfolk Island

Seven days on Norfolk Island is a generally recommended time frame for a visit. This time frame allows you to fit in all your activities, with a little extra to take it nice and easy.

Take this extra time to have a picnic on your walk around the island’s Botanic Gardens. Discover the role of Norfolk Island in early Australian history by visiting some of the fascinating museums.

While at Mt Pitt take the time to hike up to Mt Bates, the highest lookout on the island, which cannot be accessed by car. Spend some time exploring the Norfolk Island National Park. This area, of which Mt Pitt is a part of, also has amazing natural walks, and houses the beautiful St Barnabas Chapel.

Seven days of Norfolk Island accommodation also allows you to really soak up the friendly and breezy island culture of Norfolk. Dine at the lovely restaurants and chat with the locals, all while exploring this beautiful island.

Norfolk Island - 5, 7, or 9 Days?

9 Days on Norfolk Island

Nine days on Norfolk Island is the ultimate getaway period. This time frame allows you to really get amongst it, and adjust to ‘island time’. Locals of Norfolk Island are pros at taking it easy, and all travellers should endeavour to learn from them.

With the extra time, grab an unlimited museum and cemetery pass to fully immerse yourself in the history of this little island. Take the day to do some fishing and snap up local species like kingfisher and tuna. It is also a great time to go snorkelling near Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay. Both of these locations have beautiful marine life and gorgeous fringe reefs.

Take it slow and take part in the morning yoga and meditation at Emily Bay. After that, spend the day at Serenity Day Spa relaxing and getting pampered.

Nine days on the island also allows you to get fully acquainted with the amazing local restaurants. Norfolk food is all about locality and seasonality, ensuring fresh, flavourful, and vibrant experiences that any foodie is bound to enjoy.

Nine days of Norfolk Island holiday is the recommended time to fully soak up what Norfolk has to offer.

A holiday for everyone

Norfolk Island really offers something for everyone. If you are willing to prioritise your activities, five days on the island would be a super fun adventure. This is a great option for anyone who loves to keep moving and is always looking for the next activity.

Seven days on Norfolk, seems to be a crowd favourite. This clean little allotment of time allows you to fit in everything you want to do while taking it a little slower. The extra time allows you to begin to soak up the chill and relaxed approach to life that Norfolk is known for.

Nine days really allows you to get into the groove of what the locals call ‘island time’. Disconnect from mainland life and get to relaxing, eating, and fun. This really allows travellers to fit in something for everyone. Norfolk Island is a great destination for any amount of time off, but with everything Norfolk has to offer, you’ll never quite be ready to go home.

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