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Often the next step after buying your new vehicle is to take out car insurance so you are protected if a collision occurs. Finding the best insurance deal is still possible during the recession and premiums can be significantly reduced if you shop around. Many drivers choose to purchase cars from websites and internet auctions and they benefit from the vast choice available online. Indeed, shoppers are likely to have found the number of cars available has recently increased, especially used vehicles.Motor trade analysts, EurotaxGlass, recently released figures which indicate that the decline in enquires for new vehicles have had a positive impact on the used car trade. Retailers have responded to the decline by snapping up used cars, meaning that prospective motorists have more choice when choosing their vehicles. Consequently you may be able to find the car which is the cheapest for you to insure as premiums are dependent on the make, model and age of the vehicle.Whether you choose to buy a new or used car depends on your budget but both have advantages and disadvantages in terms of motor insurance. For instance, if your car is fairly cheap to buy the insurance tends to be lower as parts are likely to be more affordable. However, if your motor is past a certain age Insurers can consider it unreliable and a hazard and consequently increase your premiums.Newer cars sometimes have insurance included although if they are involved in a collision parts will be more expensive and when the time comes for you to pay the policy it may prove costly. An advantage with newer vehicles is that they often feature devices which make it difficult for the car to be stolen, such as immobilisers.Car security can play a large part in the price of your policies and this means an older vehicle without anti-theft devices may prove more expensive in terms of insurance. When you are browsing for your car remember that the larger your vehicle the more costly your insurance payments will be. If you can get by with a small economical car you will reap the benefits as these kinds of vehicles attract the most affordable premiums.Be aware that any cars you buy that have been modified can have a negative impact on your insurance. Modified motors significantly increase the amount you pay as the car is considered more of a hazard. Both new and used cars have higher premiums if they feature metallic paint as this is more expensive to replace than non-metallic varieties.


Car Loan Company for all type cars is the leading online web site who will offers sellers and buyers of used vehicles from all over the world. Currently many of used vehicles are advertised for sale and purchase from locations in the Delhi/NCR. Sabkahub Service Pvt. Ltd is the India’s one of good internet advertising and marketing company for the motor industry. Our main priority is to provide affordable online services supported by outstanding functionality of this website. We do that by utilizing the best type of software currently available for this type of applications supported by our own dedicated servers. Sab ka hub provide services to sale and purchase for all types of used cars like Toyota, Maruti, i10, Indica, Honda City, i20, xylo etc. Sab ka hub is one of the leading online website who helps you to find used car as you wants. Sab ka hub will provides widest range of Used Maruti Cars for sale across all states, cities and suburbs of India. Our USED Maruti CARS section will ensure that you can quickly find your desired make, model within your budget. We also provide buying and selling services for new cars and used cars. We are happy to comment, offer advice and input or be interviewed on issues related to hire, Maruti car industry, and car leasing. Here is your one stop online resource for used vehicles across Delhi/NCR, other major cities and towns in India. So whether it’s a new Maruti car, used Maruti car, get all the information right from financing, prices of Maruti, insurance, to the latest news about Maruti and reviews, vehicle valuation, research and expert advice on car buying in India.


Nissan Motors Cars

Nissan Motor India Private Limited is the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese Nissan Motor Company. The company started the car business in India in 2005, with the launch of the Nissan X-Trail (T30), which was imported fully-built. Nissan Motors’ manufacturing plant in Chennai, India can manufacture 200,000 cars a year and it also has an additional 200,000 vehicles a year capacity exclusively for French car maker Renault S.A.’s Indian arm Mahindra Renault Limited.The plant with an investment of Rs 4,500 Crore is believed to be producing the Nissan Micra for India and the European market. Besides, it will also make several other models for the Indian automobile market. The company has 10 dealerships across India which will be increased to 55 over a period of two years. In 2007, 533 Nissan Motors cars in India had been sold and the car maker plans to increase the figures. Let’s have a look at the Nissan Motors cars in India as of today.Nissan’s mission is to offer its customers in India with unique and innovative automotive products and services that convey advanced quantifiable principles to all stakeholders. It has the vision of enriching lives of people in India. The 370Z is a Nissan Motors’ car in India that comes with spectacular performance, advanced technology and chic flowing design. It is available as the Touring Coupe MT and Touring Coupe AT in India. The car’s VQ37VHR 3.7 L DOHC V6 engine can stir up 332 bhp. The Nissan 370Z comes with features like push button start, power windows with one-touch auto up/down, rear window defroster with timer and an AM/FM/CD/AUX 8-speaker BOSE audio system with illuminated steering wheel-mounted controls.Teana, the luxury car from Nissan Motors offers great comfort and packs plenty of exclusive features for its customers in India. This car is Nissan’s second offering to the Indian auto market. The luxury sedan can be availed in two petrol variants, the XL and XV. The Nissan Teana gets its power from a 2.5L V6 engine that gives out 185 bhp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 228 Nm at 4400 rpm. Noteworthy comfort and ease features like ottoman-style leg-rest on the front seats, a drive computer, cushy leather upholstery, the intelligent key system, and a premium 6-speaker 6-disc CD changer audio system are sure making the Indian car buyer happy.The X-Trail is one of Nissan’s most powerful cars. It derives power from a M9R Nissan engine. As everybody already knows, this engine is extensively considered to be the planet’s benchmark V6 engine for its amazing mishmash of efficiency, dependability and great power output. India has been proving itself as a marketplace for new opportunities, and for Nissan Motors too. Nissan Motors spreads its network on the India’s roads with the unveiling of the Nissan X-Trail. With its imposing sophisticated features, the car competes with the likes of Ford Endeavour, Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero. Recently, Nissan Motors has brought in the X-Trail with a facelift. The X-Trail comes in three variants – LT, SLX and SLX AT.

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