Nourish the body and mind – tantalizing your taste buds and learning about Amsterdam’s food history in an exploration of the beautiful city center today. Late April, we kick-off the 2014 Old Amsterdam Food Tour! Tours start the 23rd and 30th in both Dutch and English. Find out more!

The Old Amsterdam Food Tour takes you to a time when food was at the heart of social, economic and political life – when oxen walked the streets on their way to the cattle market on Spui, a daily fish market took place on Dam Square, and grains were traded at the Corn Exchange on Damrak. The history of Amsterdam, which developed from a small village along the river Amstel to become the international city it is today, is literally shaped by food.

We explore this relationship, taking you on a tour through the contemporary urban landscape that links past to present and reveals hidden traces of Amsterdam’s food history. For instance, today, except from street names or plaques, the ancient food history of the city has almost completely disappeared. However, if we look at the morphology of Amsterdam’s streets, canals, alleys, squares and buildings, it is possible to trace signs of the city’s food past. Food supply, storage, transportation and consumption have always had an incredible cultural and social value, which is worth celebrating.

In the celebratory spirit, and to keep things fresh and fun, we have expanded the tour in 2014 to offer a truly rich experience. With support from Stadsdeel Centrum, we created a beautiful new map highlighting 10 local entrepreneurs that are visited on the tour. Along with the map, there is a bounty of information linking past to present and tantalizing your taste buds. We are excited to take the Old Food Tour to a new level!


All tours start in the heart of Amsterdam, right along the Red Light District at Nieuwmarkt.

Two tours this month:

April 23rd – Wednesday evening

19:00 – 20:30

Language: Dutch

April 30th ­– Wednesday evening

19:00 – 20:30

Language: English


1 person: 20 Euros

2 people: 15 Euros per person

There will be more tours running all year, with options for private parties, groups and more – see booking below.


Please write to FOODTOUR@FARMINGTHECITY.NET to book your Old Amsterdam Food Tour. Tours can accommodate from a two-person private tour to group tours of 20, and we are able to accommodate your specific needs by offering workshops, lectures and food activities. The tour can be tailored for children, couples, adults, foodies, co-workers, tourists and just curious urban explorers.

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Since spring 2013, CITIES Foundation, in the framework of the project FARMING THE CITY, has organized the Old Amsterdam Food Tour (more on the tour here).

CITIES Foundation is an independent urban research platform, which drives innovation in city life, policy and practice

FARMING THE CITY is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between the localization of the food cycle and urban development

The Old Amsterdam Food Tour is supported by Stadsdeel Amsterdam Centrum and the network of local entrepreneurs featured on the map.

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Old Amsterdam Food Market – Recaptured – mt foods

Organized to kick-off a new season of the Old Amsterdam Food Tour, the first-ever Old Amsterdam Food Market was a tasty, fun success. Find photos and more recapturing the day below.

In anticipation of the new Old Amsterdam Food Tour, we organized a fun and food-filled Old Amsterdam Food Market. In partnership with Café De Brakke Grond, the market came together at their courtyard – the site of an historical meat market just off of Dam Square. From delicious, top-quality chocolates from Metropolitan to Frank’s Smoke House’s amazing smoked meats and fish to craft beers from De Prael, visitors tasted treats and tried traditions. There were also lectures on topics from meats to raw milk, and a hands-on workshop where participants baked their own bread with BBROOD. For more information and a list of entrepreneurs, see here. Capture, or recapture, the day below with videos, photos and more:

Old Amsterdam Food Market 2014 from CITIES on Vimeo.

Credit: Xena Maria Evers

Credit: So Dam Local

What a day it was! The first-ever Old Amsterdam Food Market was a successful kick-off to CITIES’ redeveloped 2014 season of the Old Amsterdam Food Tour.

With a nice day and no rain, people continued exploring the market from open until close. From Frank’s Smoke House’s beautiful smoked fish and smoked salmon sandwiches to Vleesch Noch Visch’s unique vegetarian pitas, and from Metropolitan’s bounty of cacao chocolate treats, taste buds were stimulated. To mix in some learning and physical activity, the day’s program also featured lovely lectures from Anke de Vrieze of the Old Amsterdam Food Tour, Diny Schouten of De Pasteibakkerij and Sietske Klooster of Melksalon, along with a hands-on workshop by BBROOD, where participants learned to mix their own dough, knead it (physically intensive for 10-minutes), and then pick it up fresh and warm at the end of they.

Below you will find photos to give a better sense of the day than words allow. We are also waiting for videos to be developed – stay tuned to CITIES, as well as our Facebook and Twitter (@CITIESONLINE), to find the videos!

After the success of the day, we are considering organizing a bigger, even better Old Amsterdam Food Market next year!


Metropolitan Deli

Vleesch Noch Visch

Frank’s Smoke House

Keuken van het Ongewenste Dier

De Pasteibakkerij

De Smaak te Pakken


Brouwerij de Prael

Meat the Mushroom


Gallery PR2

MORE INFORMATION With support from Stadsdeel Centrum, CITIES redeveloped a new Old Amsterdam Food Tour for 2014 – equipped with a beautiful map and partnerships with 10 local entrepreneurs visited along the tour. To celebrate these new developments, CITIES partnered with Café de Brakke Grond to organize the Old Amsterdam Food Market, which fits into their running exhibition this month on the theme of ‘Labor of the Day’.

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