Moving to Toronto Here's What You Should Know

Toronto is a dream come true for so many people: but what should you know if you decide to move here? These are the top things to consider about Toronto and why so many think this is the best place to live on Earth.

You’re Better Off Using Public Transit in the City

You may think that you can handle city driving, but Toronto is a messy and chaotic city when it comes to its traffic. Instead of allowing yourself to get stuck behind the car after car: consider using public transit. Toronto’s public transit is reliable, affordable, and gives everyone the chance to take another car off the road and help traffic clear up. Beyond this, sitting on the bus listening to your own music is far less stressful than having to deal with driving yourself.

This is One of the Most Expensive Spaces in Canada

Toronto and Vancouver constantly battle for which city is the most expensive in the Country. Vancouver has been sitting as number one for multiple years, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that makes Toronto affordable. Real estate in Toronto is infamously expensive, easily selling for over a million dollars, and many are worried about how long this will last. Right now, if you’re new to the area and can’t afford that, renting is still a great option.

There Are More Artists Per Capita Here Than Anywhere in Canada

Toronto is not only home to the largest animation and art studios in Canada, but it’s also home to some of the best art schools and awesome opportunities for any creative person wanting to make their way. Thanks to this, there are more artists living in Toronto than in any other city in Canada. Let this inspire you! If you decide to live here, give into the peer pressure and explore your own creative abilities. 

This Has Been Voted the Most Diverse City On Earth

Nobody wants to live in a world where everyone is exactly the same. Not only would that get boring fast, but it limits how much you can learn and how unique people can be. Toronto has been voted the most diverse city on Earth multiple times over because of how many pockets of culture and unique identities are here. Instead of forcing everyone to melt together and assimilate, people get to loudly and proudly be themselves: it’s incredible.

There Are Major Industries to Score Work In

Countless industries offer chances to make a great living in Canada. From the incredible hospitality and communications industries to the awesome technology and entertainment industries, this is a city that offers a taste of everything. If you’re not sure which industry you want to work in yet, you can get an education for nearly anything while you’re in Toronto without having to worry about diving deep into student debt.

Toronto is a Dream for Anyone Who Wants It

Whether you’re moving from within Canada or you’re considering moving from a different country: Toronto is a dream come true. Consider landing here and living your best life. 

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