In every field of work, a hardworking individual invests their time, hard work, and skill to excel. Depending on the amount of harm or hazard, there is always a chance that a hardworking individual could experience an accident in the work field, leading to a workers’ compensation claim. Jobs are dangerous tasks, and definitely, some jobs are more hazardous than others. It does not matter if someone is directing traffic, slipped and injured at the workplace, or responding to an emergency, injuries can happen anytime, and that’s why we should take help from a workers’ comp lawyer in Cedar Rapids.

Mistakes that can harm your workers’ compensation claim

  • Failure to act immediately after the occurrence of the accident

When an accident occurs, the worker may feel disoriented, dizzy, and sometimes embarrassed. They can not think clearly like they usually do.

Some things are needed to be followed at the time of the accident, like remaining calm. If any other worker witnesses the accident, they may offer aid and assistance to the injured worker and have their own version of the story. Therefore, the version of your report will affect your case afterward.

You should document the case as soon as possible until you remember about your accident, what you were doing before the accident, when the accident took place, and immediately after the accident. The details that you can collect later can become critical to proving because the more time passes, the more information you will forget. 

You should also record the symptoms or pain that you may face as a result of the injuries. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get a new separate calendar and keep track of your doctor’s appointments and visits. 

  • Claiming false injuries and symptoms

Some people exaggerate their symptoms and add more injuries in order to strengthen their workers’ compensation claims. But doctors will perform numerous tests to determine if you are embellishing your injuries. These things can be tempting, but they may lead to your workers’ compensation claim closure. If the doctor finds out that you exaggerated your injuries, they will note you with the term “malingerer” in your medical records, which may destroy your claim.

  • Not following the doctor’s treatment plan or order.

Your compensation claim can be denied or diminished if you do not follow your doctor’s advice or plan. If your doctor suggests you take some tests or physical therapy, you must follow their advice even if you feel better.

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