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Maserati Rental Italy: Maserati Tour

Are you looking for a Maserati Rental in Italy? Luxury Car Rental Italy offers you the opportunity to drive an exquisite Italian luxury car: the Maserati Quattroporte!


When you decide to rent our Maserati Quattroporte, choose an itinerary from our luxury car tours, created individually to maximize your driving pleasure. Enjoy breathtaking panoramas along Italy’s finest routes, and visit numerous magnificent Italian cities. A Maserati rental in Italy is a simple way to transform your ordinary auto rental into an extraordinary driving experience.


Contact us for all your questions related to our Maserati Rental service in Italy and more!


Maserati Rental Italy: Maserati Quattroporte

The Maserati quattroporte, a masterfully designed vehicle by Pininfarina defines a car with a smooth and aggressive shape given its considerable size (more than five meters long). Therefore, bear witness to the renaissance of the “Italian flagship”. This car represents the values for which Italy is universally renowned and depicts the culture of beauty, stylishness, smart life, and refined mechanics including sportive temperament, and exclusivity.


There are additional elements that compose this exclusive car including a refined V8 cylinder, 90o, 4.2 liters, and 400HP—simply put, the car is light and fantastic. Moreover, the car comes with shyhook suspensions, a control stability system, automatic transmission ZF with “paddles” on the steering wheel, Maserati Stability Program (MSP), and a powerful break system.


In essence, the pureness of the technical solution, the sensuousness of the line (designed by the most famous stylist of the world), the refinement of the leather interiors, and carbon finish made a unique and fascinating product.


Maserati Rental Italy: Luxury Car Tours

Rent your Maserati Quattroporte and visit many interesting places along our different tours: Milan, San Pellegrino, Taleggio, Como Lake, Bellagio, Mille Miglia, Maranello,… Look for the luxury car tour of your choice or contact us for more questions.


Exclusive Valle Brembana Tour in Ferrari or Maserati

Exclusive Valle Brembana Tour in Ferrari or Maserati

Just north of Bergamo you will find a splendid scenery and long winding roads sweeping around the Brembana valley. We start at 9.00 hrs (or any other hour) in Brusaporto (only 15 minutes from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, now called Caravaggio) and head north. We will make a (coffee) stop in San Pellegrino Terme, that has given its name to the world’s best-known brand of mineral water (now owned by Nestlé).


During the ‘Belle Epoque’ of the late 1800s and the early 1900s San Pellegrino Terme was engulfed in elegance and splendor attracting royalty, diplomats and celebrities as a result of its mineral springs, the quality of its sub-Alpine setting and its extraordinary art nouveau (called ‘Liberty style’), seven story Grand Hotel (which is abandoned for the moment) and, on the opposite side of the Brembo River, the magnificent Casino that has been restored and reopened its doors in December, 2012.


Then we drive further north where we can stop for a typical Italian lunch in a restaurant (without outside terrace) in Branzi where you can taste the local specialties and will only sit among locals (almost no tourists). This restaurant is listed in the Michelin guide (but no Michelin star).


After the lunch we return south-west and head for the winding roads via Taleggio (famous for its cheese).


By the end of the afternoon we will arrive back in Brusaporto.


Klick here to discover the route in Google Maps


After coming back from the Valle Brembana tour and a refreshment (*) we could drive you in our luxurious and spacious Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT to the medieval city center of Bergamo, which is at the top of a hill and where you can have your romantic dinner.


Meanwhile we will take care of finding a safe parking place for our Maserati, which is not that easy. Afterwards (+/- 22 hrs) you could take the ‘funiculare’ (sort of tram that connects the old city on top of the hill with the new city beneath) back down, where we can pick you up.


(*) If you would stay in the wonderful but very cheap Hotel Joia in Brusaporto (prices for a double room starting at € 95,00 per night, including breakfast !), you could refresh yourself before driving to Bergamo.




for the proposed tour all included, so also petrol (only meals and drinks are not included) covering 230 km in total : € 725,00 (not per person but per car !)

the visit to the medieval city center of Bergamo in the evening with our Maserati : € 250,00

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