Marketing trends

Marketing has changed a lot. Especially during the pandemic, every offline business decided to put products/services online. Today we will talk about the importance of sustainable marketing like Facebook platform (and how to buy Facebook likes and increase the engagement). 

Sustainable marketing

As with the trend in inclusive digital marketing, in 2021 we are also more concerned than ever with the environment. Consumers want to make sure that the brands they give their money to are just as concerned about the state of the planet as they are.


Note that 81% of consumers believe that businesses should help improve the environment. This explains the increase in sustainable and environmentally friendly brands, especially among young consumers. But it goes far beyond the “green products” market, and all brands stand to gain from adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


The key is to communicate your commitment to the planet through your branding and content, and thus place environmentalism at the center of your brand identity. There are many ways to do this depending on your brand’s style, such as placing a prominent banner on your site, talking about it repeatedly on social media, etc. You can even opt for more subtle methods, such as offering reusable bags in your brand colors or conveying environmental messages through your brand visual identity.


The fight against ad blockers

Not all digital marketing trends this year are positive and progressive. In 2021, it is also about overcoming important obstacles, such as ad blockers. While it is estimated that 27% of internet users will be equipped with ad blockers in 2021, many marketers see their primary traffic flow automatically cut off at source, including for their PPC campaigns.


First check the extent of the damage by analyzing your advertising data. Depending on your target audience as well as where you post your ads, the damage can be negligible.


If your ads are blocked, the best thing to do is to adapt. Don’t waste time trying to convince your potential customers to change their own preferences. Re-adjust your ad budget to fit other more successful campaigns, such as influencer marketing or sponsored content. Either way, younger audiences don’t respond very favorably to ads, and are much more likely to be interested in influencer marketing. So adapt to the situation.


Image and video referencing for visual research

Everyone already knows that it is possible to find images and videos from keywords. But did you know that you can also search by image? Or even look for the context of an image from one of your photos? As more users discover these visual search techniques, so does the SEO (also known as natural SEO) landscape.


To take advantage of the increased number of visual searches, make sure your image and video SEO campaigns are on target. Start by applying the basics:


  • Always add the textual alternative to the description of your images
  • Add images to your sitemap or create a sitemap specifically for images
  • Add your target SEO keywords to the filename of your images
  • Use high-quality images and videos

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