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Logistics app is a must for many businesses. It allows providing easy and confident interaction between businesses and customers, optimizes lots of inner processes in the company, and makes transportation routines logical and supervised. When it comes to a need for a logistics application, its design is #1 to think about. To get the design that will fully meet your requirements, the help of a professional UX/UI designers’ team will be useful. Apply for logistics app design services in RexSoft to get the most overwhelming result ever.

Logistics App Design: the Best Trends in 2022


First of all, what’s trendy in logistics app design today? We’ve collected several ideas you can take into account when applying for logistics app design services.

Trend #1


All goes mobile and logistics is no exception. That means the application you may need for your logistics processes should be mobile-oriented as your customers along with your company’s employees often need to use smartphones to get access to an app. 

Trend #2


Usability and user experience are the cornerstones in logistics app design. These two things should be thoroughly thought out when you order logistics app development services. And UX/UI designers are a must for this development.

Trend #3


Using big data in logistics can save you money. The principles of big data are implemented even in small businesses today. In logistics, it is also necessary. 

Trend #4


Blockchain technology comes beyond exchanges and financial analytics. This technology allows a business owner to make transportation and logistics processes transparent and logical. Even in mobile apps, blockchain technologies are widely used. That also concerns logistic apps for businesses. 

Logistics App Design Services

If we talk about why the services of designers for logistics applications are needed at all, then everything is simple here. It is the designer who will be able to develop for you an ecosystem in which it will be comfortable to interact both for you, as the owner, and for your employees performing certain tasks and clients. But the services for the development of logistics applications from RexSoft are not limited to design only. We offer you an integrated approach that consists of several stages. And it only depends on your goals and objectives, whether you need separate services in the field of design of logistics applications, or if you want to receive a complex of turnkey services.

Logistics Mobile App UX/UI Design

For those who are just planning to integrate a logistics application into their business, we offer the services of UX / UI designers from our team. This service will allow you to get a finished product that will be comfortable for users. Much attention in design is paid to the interface of the application, that is, to what the user will work with directly. Thanks to extensive experience in design and development, as well as an impressive portfolio of logistics applications, the RexSoft team will cope with this task perfectly.

App UX/UI Improvements

If you already have a logistics application, but you are sure that it should work more efficiently, we will help you with this. Implementing UX / UI enhancements will help you get a better product that will more accurately meet your objectives.

Design Maintenance & Support

Besides designing logistics applications, our clients can always count on the support of the RexSoft team in maintaining the application. We will take over the control of the functionality and the implementation of the latest updates so that the application works like a clock and meets the needs of users.

Main Benefits of Applying for Mobile Logistics App Design Company RexSoft


We do know how important it is to find a reliable design and development team to get all the benefits from the cooperation. Here are the benefits you may appreciate when applying for RexSoft’s services.

Logistics App Niche Is Our Bright Side


In our team, we have pros who are keen on logistics app design. That means you get services from real gems of the industry. You can evaluate our logistics app design results by looking at our portfolio. There are several projects we have developed in the niche.

Lots of Business Models to Choose


You are not limited only to full-time hiring. As we offer offshore pros’ services, you can choose among several business models to apply for the most convenient and effective for you. We offer both to hire outsource teams and outstaff teams to your choice. Besides, you can hire a single logistics app designer or apply for the services of a whole RexSoft team

US Legislation of the RexSoft Company


We diminish all the risks you may think about when hiring offshore specialists. Our company works officially in the US and fully adheres laws of the country. We conclude contracts where all the details are listed so you are fully protected by US laws when contacting us. 

Make the Best Choice Ever! Hire UX/UI Designers for Your Logistics App in RexSoft


Your logistics app can be a real power if it is designed and developed by our team. Just apply for a consultation to get even more info about all the benefits you’ll get when ordering our logistics app design services. 



Q: Can I order a logistics app for my e-commerce project in RexSoft?

A: You are welcome to apply for our services! We’ll go above and beyond to create that app for you.


Q: Are your rates for logistics app development profitable?

A: We set fair rates for our pros’ services. So you can fairly call them profitable. 


Q: Can I get a custom product from you?

A: All our products are only of a custom origin. We’ve successfully developed 4 projects in the field of logistics application development already. 

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