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If you have come to us for guidance, then we know exactly what kind of slot player you are. Slot-heads are constantly looking for the quick strategy that will let them beat the machine and run away with all the loot that it bears – play Lion Wins slot.

But, are there any top winning slot strategies that you do not know about? The internet holds many theories based on hearsay; theories about when you should pull the lever down, how much the optimum bet is, and even what lucky clothes you should be wearing! But are there any legitimate top-winning slot strategies?

Follow us as we swim through a sea of slot game myths past all of the false theories and take you right to the top winning slot game strategies. Soon, you will be able to tackle the slots with all the confidence of a gambling lion!

The best slot winning strategies

Most of the slot strategies that you read are, in fact, false and rely on luck and charm. Slot games do not tend to have patterns that you can exploit because otherwise the games would be exhausted by players.

The best top winning slot game strategies, therefore, come from training oneself:

  •       Do not go all in – Going all in is a really good way of making sure that you never get to play the slots again! While the reward for the risk can look rather appealing, going all-in is most certainly a game-losing slot strategy.
  •       Limit yourself on money – When getting into a slot session, make sure that you have a given amount of cash that you a willing to spend. If you exceed this limit then perhaps it is time to give the slots a rest for the day.
  •       Limit yourself on time – One of the best slot game top winning strategies has got to be a time-based limitation. By limiting the amount of time that you spend on the slots, you have eliminated the possibility of going bankrupt and stopped your wins from looking too tempting to gamble! It’s a win-win!
  •       Choose your games – Some slot games will have far better odds than others, if you are playing online then these stats can be easily found. Only a small fry player does not look at the odds of their slot game.

Top winning slot game strategy: choosing the best game

As we mentioned, one of the top winning strategies for slot gamers is to choose the game that has the best odds. If you are a little flummoxed as to how one could go about this then have a check of our top winning strategy slot game picking guide:

  1.     Look at the RTP (return to player) ratio of a slot game, the lower that is, the less you are going to get back!
  2.     DO NOT go for progressive jackpot slots.. the odds are terrible! We know you want to be a high roller like James Bond, but you are not there yet so keep to the simple slots.
  3.     Sign up for those welcome packages because they are your ticket to free spins.

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