Insuring your imported car

Buying an imported car can be an exciting time for one for many reasons, including being more exotic, can be cheaper or even better equipped than the one’s available in the UK market. It is worth noting that imported cars fall into two main categories:

  1. Grey imports – automobiles imported into the UK mainly from Japan
  2. Parallel imports – automobiles bought in other EU countries

When it comes to insuring your imported car, it generally thought of as more expensive than your standard UK cars because the insurers may see them as ‘higher-risk’. Because of it being rare, higher-spec, and usually more powerful engines than your standard cars, they can be expensive to repair. Hence, the reason why some insurers see these as a higher risk and often refuse to insure your imported car. However, rest assured, if you are struggling with your insuring your imported car, Here at Advance Insurance we have a range of specialist insurers and schemes designed for this market that can help.

Insuring your grey imports

All countries have their set rules and standards, which means that you will not be eligible to purchase or get your grey import car insurance until your car has passed the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme. In a nutshell, the IVA test involves visual inspection and other tests to ensure that your grey import car meets the standards to drive on the UK road.

Insuring your grey imports can be more expensive than others because of several factors. Here at Advance Insurance we have a range of specialist insurers and schemes designed for this market that can help:

  • The rarity of replacement parts leading it to be costly to source
  • Experienced mechanic to handle your import cars can be difficult to find, leading to expensive repairs
  • More powerful than your standard cars and therefore the risk of accident is higher

Insuring your parallel imports

Unlike your grey imports, the parallel imports are less complicated because they are built to meet the European standards, which leads to no extra tests and ultimately leads to cheaper insurance than your grey import cars. The repairs are usually straightforward and are easier to get your car insurance for. However, you should still expect to pay slightly more than you would have for your standard UK cars.


Here at Advance Insurance, we can help you cover everything from your Japanese supercar to your everyday family Australian import car.

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