All scrap vehicles may not have the same price tag. It mainly depends on the scrap services you hired. Some car wrecking services will pay you more money. Others will pay you as per the market value. The cost of the scrap car also depends on many factors.

You can search for the best car wreckers in Auckland online. You will come across hundreds of car wrecking services. They may not display any fixed price tag on the website. You will have to hire them to get familiar with what you get paid for your car. Some common factors considered by these services are listed below.

 Model and make

Some car models usually fetch a higher price. The year of manufacturing will also make a difference. If your new model car met with an accident, then you can sell it to scrap services for a higher price. Old models that used pure aluminum bodies will fetch you more money as compared to the fiberglass body.

You will also come across scrap services that will pay more money for any vintage model. You only come to know of the real value when you hire these services. They inspect the car and then offer the best rate.

 Scrap metal price

Different scrap metals will have different prices in the current market. The rates for the scrap vehicles are also calculated as per the current market price. The rates keep on fluctuating on daily basis. If metal is an alloy, then you can get a better rate for the vehicle.

You can always check with the scrap metal rate online or in the local newspaper. Once you know the rate, you can multiply it with the weight of the metal to get the exact price.

Important Factors That Experts Consider When Valuing Your Scrap Car

 Condition of the car

Some people sell their old car in working condition. Others will sell the car that has been resting in the backyard for years. In both cases, the price will not be the same. If the condition is not good, then you get paid less money.

If the metal body is still in good condition then you can expect a better price. It depends on the condition of the vehicle. This does not mean that the car has to be in running condition.

 Spare parts and demand

You will come across specific models that are always in demand. The second-hand market will be willing to offer a higher price for spare parts if they are in demand. If your vehicle model is in demand then you can earn more money for the spare parts.

All scrap cars are in demand. They will fetch you good money, but not the same. If the condition of the metal body is good then you can expect a better price. If the metal body is rusted then you will get less money.

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