How to Spend Time Between Basketball Games

So, the basketball season is over. It will take some time for the players to get ready for their next game, rest, and work on their skills. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have many things to do in your free time – especially if games were an important part of your life. But don’t go looking for a new hobby, like watercolor painting, right away – there are still things related to basketball that you can do this summer.


In this article, you’ll find a list of ways of spending time in between basketball games (or seasons) – all connected to your main hobby. You can, for example, gamble on sports, connect with other fans, get a sports blog, sell and buy some memorabilia, or even hold some basketball games with your friends, among other things. Read on, find out what to do next – and have fun. 


1. Gambling on Sports

If you’re a big fan of sports in general, you may want to set up a small online gambling account. It doesn’t have to be huge – just enough for the occasional bet on your favourite team. If you’ve never gambled before, it might be a good idea to start with some free bets or bonus offers that are available most of the time. These can help you get familiar with the entire process and find out how online betting works.


Gambling on sports is not risky if you avoid spending much money and use trustworthy platforms. And not only can it bring you much fun, but it can also help you win some cash thanks to your favourite hobby. You could also gamble at an online casino; many of them have basketball-themed slot games; if you want to find the best real money slots, click here.


2. Connecting with Other Fans

Another thing that you can do in your free time is meeting other fans. No matter whether you’re a basketball fan or simply an occasional viewer, there are many ways of meeting people who share your passion. These can include forums, social networks (like Facebook or Twitter), chat rooms, and many others. There are also apps that can help you connect with other fans from all over the world – if you want, go check them out.


3. Selling and Buying Memorabilia

If you’re a big fan of your favourite team, you probably have some memorabilia – either things you bought yourself or gifts from friends. You can turn this into an interesting business if you want to. 


For example, you can sell your basketball memorabilia on eBay (especially if it’s rare or really valuable). Another option is to buy a few items – like jerseys and other merchandise and resell them later. This is a perfect way of earning some money while staying connected to your hobby. The chances are that other fans will buy these things from you – especially if they are sure about the items’ authenticity.


4. Start a Sports Blog

If you like writing, you might want to try creating a sports blog. This is an excellent way of spending your free time – and maybe even earning money on advertising.


If you’re not sure you can write something interesting on your own, don’t worry – there are many other things you can do. For example, you can write commentaries about the most recent games, posts about some of the most famous players or teams, and many others. It doesn’t matter if you have your own blog or write for someone else – as long as it’s related to your favourite sport and it brings you pleasure. 


5. Holding Games with Friends

Another great way of spending time in between basketball games is holding some games with your friends. If most of them are also basketball fans, it’s very likely that they will be up for it. However, even if they aren’t, it won’t hurt to ask them – you might be surprised by their response.

How to Spend Time Between Basketball Games

If you want to play basketball games, it’s best to create a team and set up regular competitions. You can have some fun, get some exercise (especially if you do it outdoors), and make new friends. And it’s an exciting way to socialize, especially if you are working remotely or spending much of your time alone. 



These are just some of the ways of spending time in between basketball games. There are many other things you can do, but they depend on your personal preferences and wishes. The key here is to find something that you’ll enjoy – and maybe even earn some money while doing it.

No matter what you can do, if you love basketball, you can always find a hobby related to it – this way, it will bring you even more pleasure than other activities. And if you’re not sure how to start, try one of the suggestions above. You can also develop other ideas on your own – whether it’s knitting basketball memorabilia, writing articles, or making YouTube videos.

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