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Hybrid vehicles are quickly gaining popularity, and there’s a reason why. There’re lots of benefits associated with the shifting to hybrid cars. One of the main benefits is the reduced impact that hybrid cars have on the environment, especially regarding emissions concerns.

While hybrid cars seem more advanced than traditional vehicles, they too require maintenance to keep them running. Most traditional cars require maintenance such as caring for fuel systems and engine oil changes, among others. But how does one maintain a hybrid car? Do they have specific maintenance requirements? These are some of the questions that people ask about hybrid cars.

If you’re looking forward to shop Hyundai cars or any other hybrid car and would like to know how to maintain it better, you’ve come to the right post. Here we learn how to properly maintain a hybrid car. Read on!

  1. Check The Tires

Good tire maintenance is important for your hybrid car, especially if you want the car to perform at its best. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is also a key to fuel efficiency.

You wouldn’t want your latest hybrid car’s performance to be compromised just because of over or under-inflated tires. To avoid such cases, ensure to keep an eye on your tires and make sure they’re well fitted on your car.

Additionally, you should check with your car service center whether you have the best tires for your car since hybrid cars are known to have lower rolling resistance compared to traditional models.

  1. Get To Know Your Battery

Among the most important aspects of your hybrid car is the battery. Hybrid cars use electric power stored in a battery. For your car to perform smoothly, you need to know how its battery works. During the cold season, the battery requires more care since it might get cold and require warm-up before driving. You should also ensure that the battery doesn’t completely run out of charge to prevent it from getting cold. To know more about how the battery of your hybrid car works, ensure to read the manufacturer’s manual and maintain it regularly as recommended.

  1. Regular Engine Checks

A hybrid car’s engine is partly run by fuel; therefore, your hybrid car requires regular engine checks just like regular cars. As hybrid cars use both electricity and fuel, it’s likely to wear slower than traditional cars. However, it’s important to have the engine checked to avoid expensive repairs. Ensure to heed the warning lights; if they go off, it means there’s something wrong with your car. Ignoring the engine warning lights may result in the breaking down of your car, attracting more repair costs.

  1. Regular Maintenance Schedule

A regular maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure a long life for any car, regardless of the type. Regular maintenance should be at the top of your list to ensure your car functions at its best. Have aesthetic experts perform the maintenance services for your hybrid car from time to time to make sure the car is in good shape.

  1. Check The Brakes

Standard cars require brakes, and so do hybrid cars. You should change your car’s brakes every 20,000 miles, but you can still replace them after 40,000 miles. Having the brakes of your hybrid car checked from time to time prevents them from wearing out first.

  1. Ensure Your Technician Is Experienced With Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have advanced electrical wiring systems that are different from traditional vehicles. Knowing that your car has sophisticated wiring, you’ll want an experienced technician to work on it. The best hybrid car technician should be experienced and trained on how such cars work.  Therefore, always ensure that a professional technician checks your car with enough information on hybrid cars.

  1. Check The Cooling  System

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Hybrid cars come with varying cooling systems. Like other cars, hybrid cars use a radiator system and coolant. Some deposits can occur within the radiator if the coolant breaks down. In such a case, it’s important to flush out the system and refill it with fresh fluid.

  1. Check The Auxiliary Car Battery

Most hybrid cars have two different batteries: A standard battery that starts the internal combustion engine and a mass storage battery that powers the electric motor. Like every car, the auxiliary car battery needs maintenance and should be replaced every five years.

Does Servicing A Hybrid Car Differ From A Standard One?

All cars require service, whether hybrid or traditional cars. However, most people wonder if servicing a hybrid car differs from servicing a traditional one. There’s also a question on whether what type of car requires frequent service compared to the other, with most individuals assuming that a hybrid car may require more service at a higher price.

However, this isn’t the case. The maintenance of a hybrid car differs slightly from that of a standard vehicle. For instance, the only thing that requires additional maintenance in some hybrid cars is the battery air filter. Since a hybrid’s engine also uses gasoline, it requires the same service as the traditional car, with the same frequency.

As with standard cars, hybrid cars require regular oil changes, tire alignment, and belt replacements. However, hybrid cars have one benefit that helps the owner save money—their brake pads don’t require frequent service as those in a standard car.

The other concern for most people is battery replacement in a hybrid car, especially since they’re very expensive. Fortunately, most current hybrid models come with an eight-year warranty. Therefore, the battery replacement will be covered for car owners during that period.


Having your car checked regularly is the key to ensuring that it keeps running smoothly. However, your hybrid car doesn’t need just a check-up; it requires a check-up by a professional technician with enough knowledge of such cars. Also, ensure that your car’s tires are aligned and well fitted, know how the battery works, check the brakes, and never ignore warning lights. Taking note of these tips will ensure you have a smooth ride and ensure that your car is in better condition.

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