DUI offense

Dealing with a DUI (driving under the influence) charge can be a traumatic experience. This is especially true if you get a conviction and face several legal consequences, such as hefty fines, criminal record, suspension or revocation of the driver’s license, and jail time. As such, it’s crucial that you know how to handle a DUI offense so you can quickly get your charges dismissed. 

So, if you’ve been caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, keep reading this article to learn about the steps when handling a DUI and getting a case dismissal.

  • Cooperate With The Arresting Officer

When you’re pulled over by a police officer because they suspect you of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it’s important to cooperate with the officer at all times. Anything you do that goes against the orders of the arresting officer may be used against you. As a result, you can jeopardize your chances of getting a dismissal. If you appear hostile or rude, it may only complicate your situation by arousing suspicion. 

That being said, it’s best to be cooperative and polite throughout the situation. Be calm and follow all the instructions of the arresting officer. If possible, don’t make any suspicious movements, such as trying to hide something during the pullover. By being cooperative, you may be able to handle your case properly and get your DUI charge dismissed. 

  • Only Provide Basic Information

When you’re under custodial investigation by the police officer, you may be able to effectively handle a DUI charge by providing only basic information. This means exercising your rights to remain silent and not to incriminate yourself during the questioning process. 

When this happens, it may be a great idea to hire a reliable criminal defense attorney, like the ones in thefloridatriallawyer.com and other reliable law firms online. Having them at your side may help you make sure you’re only giving minimal information, such as your name, driver’s license, vehicle registration, copy of your insurance policy, and many more. 

Also, your attorney may help you avoid disclosing any relevant information, including whether you’ve been drinking, the amount you’re drinking, and many others. In doing so, you may protect your rights against self-incrimination, increasing your chances of getting your DUI case dismissed. 

  • Collect Essential Pieces Of Evidence

Another way of handling a DUI charge and getting it dismissed without hassle is to gather the necessary pieces of evidence. Typically, having enough evidence, within the purview of the criminal defense law, may play an important role in getting your case dismissed very quickly. 

Thus, if you want to collect the evidence you need, it may be best to seek the assistance of a reputable criminal defense attorney. For one, they may have reliable connections with other professionals who can help you obtain all relevant information and documents to prove you didn’t commit a crime at all. By working with them, you may also have higher odds of getting out of this legal trouble for good.

  • Build A Strong Criminal Defense Strategy

If you want your DUI offense to get dismissed, one of the best things you may do is build a stronger and more effective criminal defense strategy. This process may be a bit overwhelming but it may be done if you know how to fight and defend your rights and interests. 

Generally, there are several reasons for a DUI dismissal. All you need to do is keep these possible defenses in mind:

  • Lack of probable cause: You may refute your DUI charge if you believe the police officer has no probable cause to believe that you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In most cases, probable cause may mean anything from erratic driving, weaving, speeding, and many more. Hence, if you think the police officer has no basis for arresting you, your attorney may challenge your case by raising a lack of probable cause as a defense.

DUI offense

  • Unreliable and faulty breath tests: Breath tests are used to measure a driver’s BAC (blood alcohol content). However, these tests may have several issues, which make them unreliable for determining whether the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol. Some of the common problems of breath tests may include improper use by the police officer, physiological conditions of the suspected driver, such as having a gastroesophageal reflux disease, device malfunction, and many others. 


So, if you believe the breath tests administered to you may result in erroneous high BAC reading, you can have your attorney challenged them to improve your odds of getting your charge dismissed. 


  • Inaccurate Field Sobriety Tests: In most cases, field sobriety tests may be an indicator of impairment when driving. However, just like breath tests, they may also become inaccurate due to many reasons. These can include poor lighting, poor footwear, bad weather conditions, uncoordinated driver, office-induced intimidation, and many more. 


Thus, if you think the results of the field sobriety test are inaccurate, your legal representative may use it as a defense to fight the charge and secure a quick dismissal. 


  • Rising blood alcohol: Rising blood alcohol can mean that your BAC is higher when you take the breath test than it is when you’re driving. However, it’s important to note that alcohol requires a specific amount of time to be absorbed into your system. 


For example, if you’re done drinking and are investigated for DUI right away, your body’s alcohol level may not have reached its absorption rate. In such a case, it may result in false BAC findings. 



Indeed, a DUI charge may be disappointing, especially if you’re expected to properly exercise due diligence on the road. Moreover, the situation may even become worse if you have no idea what steps to take to ensure you handle your case more efficiently and get the dismissal you’re asking for. This is one reason why you should hire a dedicated criminal defense attorney who may advocate for you and your case. 

If you’re looking for higher chances of you getting out of the legal trouble, keep the information mentioned above in mind and you’ll be fine. The more you know how to navigate your DUI case, the higher your odds of returning to your normal life.

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