How to get Scrum Master Certification

In a world where businesses and corporates are transforming their methods of delivering digital products and services, the value of a Scrum Master is being heavily recognized. They have become extremely desirable employees as they instill a lean and agile mindset in software deployment and using digital technology.


The best way to start your career as a Scrum Master is by getting a Certification after completing a CSM course. Doing a certificate course teaches you the necessary details as well as proves your proficiency in the same.

What is a Scrum Master?

The major part of your CSM Certification will involve learning about the role of a Scrum Master in a Scrum Team. Scrum Teams operate in organizations that use the Agile Framework to design and manage their operations.


The primary role of a Scrum Master is being an expert in Scrums so that they can coach and guide others on the team. Secondly, they have the duty of aligning the workings of the Scrum team with the organizational vision and goals. This improves the interactions that the Scrum team and the organization thus boosting productivity. Finally, the Scrum Master is supposed to manage the daily workings and operations of the Scrum Master.

Undergoing Training:

You need to do a CSM course in order to prepare for the CSM exam. However, this exam is a bit difficult and needs a lot of preparation. The ideal way to prepare for the certification examination is to undergo CSM training.


You will need to learn about the basics of Scrum, such as the 12 principles of Scrum and the 4 values under which the Scrum Manifesto operates. You have to know about the values such as courage, focus, commitment, and respect and how they are interrelated to the Scrum artifacts. There are three pillars of Scrum known as Transparency, Inspection, and Adaption. Lastly, they must know about the differences between Scrum and the Agile Framework and how they are both applied in organizations.


Training courses under professional and Certified Scrum Trainers are provided by affiliated trainers. These training courses are two days long and are the perfect way to prepare.

How to get Scrum Master Certification

CSM Exam:

The CSM exam is where your knowledge of Scrums is put to the test. The examination is 1 hour long and has 50 questions. All of the questions are of the MCQ type. In order to pass the examination, you will need to score 74% of the questions correctly. The examination is not too difficult and you can prepare for it by undergoing the required CSM training courses.


After you pass the examination, you will receive all your relevant login details and information from the Scrum Alliance in an email. Lastly, you can go to their website, log in, and finally download your CSM Certificate.



Receiving a CSM Certification is a huge plus for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Scrums. With some diligent preparation and careful studying, even you can crack the exam and set yourself on a lucrative journey with Scrums.

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