Slip And Fall

Accidents can happen anytime. However, other people may be held responsible for injuries you sustain from a hazardous property condition. ‘Slip and fall’ is the legal term used to refer to a personal injury case that occurred on someone else’s property. 


Slip and fall cases allow those hurt and affected by such accidents to ask for compensation for their injuries and the consequences of the situation. Since the accident happened in a place owned or maintained by a third party, the victim may file a personal injury case and process a slip and fall claim. If this ever happens to you, doing a Google search for slip and fall accidents lawyers near me can give you an idea about the best lawyers who can assist you with your claim.

How to prove a slip and fall claim

If you ever get hurt while at work or in a public place, it is possible to be compensated for the injury you obtained. However, before a claim is settled, the case goes to court to justify your claims’ legality. The court will then decide the suitable compensation for the incident.


There are different types of injuries covered by a slip and fall claim. This includes bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and soft tissue injuries. It is essential to prove and establish that the accident occurred due to poor or dangerous conditions. This may include:


  • Poor or no lighting
  • Wet flooring
  • Uneven flooring
  • Holes and debris
  • Lack of safety rails and barriers
  • Loose carpeting
  • Loose power cables


Once the claim is justified in court, the person responsible must compensate the injured individual for all injuries sustained because of the incident. Given that every slip and fall case is different, it is hard to say how much a particular claim would exactly be worth. 

How much is a slip and fall claim worth

There are different factors that the court considers when deciding the amount of compensation a victim receives for a slip and fall claim. However, it is essential to know that the given compensation for the incident considers both present and future financial and non-financial losses due to the injury. 


There are also different types of compensation given to a victim of a slip and fall personal injury case. However, the value varies from one case to another. To provide you with a better idea, here is a quick overview of how each type of compensation is affected by the details of your case:

Medical bills

The payment of past medical bills because of a slip and fall incident is the most straightforward among the different types of compensation. Those held responsible for the accident must pay for all medical bills incurred and future hospital bills as part of the individual’s journey to recovery.

Loss of wages and earning capacity

Some slip and fall injuries are too severe that it impedes the victim’s capability to work for a considerable period. Other severe injuries can also result in the person’s complete inability to work again. 


Compensation for lost wages covers the payments you lost when you are unable to report because of the injury. Your employer can lend a helping hand in verifying the amount based on your standard salary or rate. 


A loss of earning capacity refers to severe injuries that render the victim incapable of returning to their everyday work. This type of compensation assumes that the life-changing injury resulted in a career change that wouldn’t pay as much as your previous work. 


Under this circumstance, the property owner has two options. They can either pay for you to be trained or educated in an appropriate field or pay a humongous amount in a lump sum to account for your reduced earning capacity. 


No one ever wanted to be involved in an accident, regardless of whether it’s a minor injury or not. However, it is reassuring to know that there could be a worthy compensation if you get in a slip and fall case at work or in public. Aside from the pain of the injury, it is unhealthy to think and worry about the medical bills you will pay, and the days at work you’re going to miss.


Slip and fall claims allow victims to be compensated for every kind of hurt they experience because of the incident. Not only does this bring justice to the victim, but it also helps ensure that people, companies, and businesses will be more careful and vigilant in maintaining the quality and safety of their premises. 

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