It can be challenging to find ways to care for your car and keep it looking great throughout the year. Taking time to learn the right steps to take when detailing a car will help ensure your car operates efficiently and looks great for the foreseeable future. Keep reading to learn what to do to ensure your car is detailed properly:

Inspect Your Vehicle

The first step in the detailing process is to inspect the vehicle carefully. Check every inch for dirt, debris, or anything else that may cause damage or issues. Be sure to note all the problems you find so you can handle them when you begin the detailing process.

Check the Interior

Stains, debris, and dirt can be challenging to remove if they are left alone too long. After performing your initial inspection, be sure to vacuum the interior well. You can then move on to the dash and other hard plastic components. Make sure to wipe down all the surfaces and glass carefully to eliminate all the dirt present.

Hand Wash the Exterior

You should never use a pressure washer or power washer when washing the outside of your vehicle, especially a classic vehicle. While you can go to an automatic car wash, hand washing is always better. Other washing methods may strip the paint off your classic vehicle and cause damage or warping to the chassis.

When washing your vehicle, start from the top and work your way down to ensure contaminants and debris aren’t affecting surfaces you have already cleaned. For the best results, make sure to wash small areas and rinse them well before moving on.

Helpful Tips for Detailing Your Vehicle

Lubricate Hinges and Latches

A smaller maintenance task to keep in mind when detailing your car is lubricating the latches and hinges. This includes the hood and trunk latches and door hinges. Spray your lubricant on the area, and open and close the door or hood several times to work it in.

Use Sealant or Wax

While washing your car is a good first step, don’t forget to protect the finish with a wax coating. When waxing your vehicle, make sure the car is clean, and avoid getting wax stuck in the moldings, cracks, or door jambs. In addition, avoid getting wax on matte black plastic parts, as this can cause permanent damage.

Park Your Car in the Shade While Cleaning It

When you are cleaning and detailing your vehicle, the heat created by the sun can cause the soap and water to dry faster, resulting in streaks and spots along the exterior.

Ensure you wash and detail your vehicle in the shade instead. In some cases, it may even mean taking a pop-up tent to your driveway while cleaning the vehicle.

Keeping Your Car Clean

There are more than a few tips you can use to keep your car clean and looking great. If you want your vehicle to continue looking new, be sure to keep the above mentioned tips in mind.


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