Google TV vs Apple TV

If you, like us, had to spend most of the last 2 years at home, we are sure of two things. First, you have spent a long time at online gaming and live casino sites (speaking of which, we recommend casino Second, you watched countless series and movies on streaming platforms. We are also sure that you have heard the names of “Google TV” and “Apple TV” products at this time. So, do you know exactly what they are? What differences do they have? If you don’t know, don’t worry – below is everything you need to know about these two products.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a device. It is a small square black box. It has the Apple logo and the letters “tv” on it. Sold with a remote control.

This may seem like a very obvious definition, but we have to emphasize that it is a physical product in order to explain its difference with Google TV. Currently, two different Apple TV models are on sale: one is known as “Apple TV HD,” and the other is known as “Apple TV 4K”. As you can imagine, the 4K version is the newest, while the HD version is an older model, and it’s getting harder and harder to find it. Both models have HDMI, Bluetooth, Wireless and Ethernet features, but the chips they use (A8 – A10) are different. To use these devices, you must have an internet connection, and for the 4K model, your television must also support this feature. But contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have an iPhone or iPad: Apple TV can work independently of them.

So, how does it work? Even if you do not own an iPhone, you must be familiar with the App Store. This is the application store for devices using the iOS operating system. For example, if you want to watch Netflix on your phone, you go to the App Store, find the Netflix app and install it on your phone – simple.

Apple TV gives you access to this store. As might be expected, it is not possible to download apps that require a SIM card to work (for example, WhatsApp) on the device because Apple TV does not have a phone feature. However, you can download and run all other applications, including games, on Apple TV and use your television as a screen. You have a remote control to use the app you downloaded.

Of course, there are other apps you can download to your Apple TV, and the main purpose of this device is those apps. We’re talking about stream apps: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and more. All these services have an app on the App Store, and these apps also work on Apple TV. After connecting Apple TV to your television and installing these applications, you can watch all the series and movies they offer. Your television does not need to be “smart”: Apple TV makes even regular televisions “smart”.

What Is Google TV?

Google TV is not a physical device. It is a software developed by Google. You can think of it as a kind of “launcher.” That is the biggest difference with Apple TV: Google TV doesn’t have a physical device. We know what you are thinking: there are many media players with Google TV installed, right?

These media players are not produced by Google. Google TV is software that any company can add to its product. So, media players and even smart TV manufacturers may choose to put Google TV in their products, and hundreds of brands are doing just that right now. This platform is based on Android and, therefore, can run smoothly on countless different devices and hardware.

So, how does Google TV work? As a matter of fact, its working principle is quite similar to Apple TV. The Android platform also has its own app store called Play Store. Google TV is a digital platform that gives you access to this store. Using a Google account, you download the Play Store app and get access to hundreds of different applications through it. These include games and, of course, apps for streaming platforms. So, in practice, Apple TV and Google TV get you the same thing – you run apps of streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime, and Disney+ and watch movies and shows on your TV.

The two products differ from each other in the way they are presented. Apple TV is a physical product, and the operating system it uses only works on this device. Google TV is a digital software and can be installed on any Android device. In addition to this fundamental difference, there are, of course, some feature differences that affect user experience: Google TV has a more modern and practical interface, but Apple TV has a better remote and stability. Which one you choose is a purely personal decision: both products give you the same things, but with different interfaces and features.

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