Canninghill Piers

There are various housing types out there, and each has its pros and cons. Some people prefer to live in a house, while others like to live in an apartment or even a condo. A condo is a residential option that looks like an apartment with a much better facility. Condo ownership allows the owner to own the condo but not own the land. Condo owners have to pay a monthly fee to maintain the common areas. In general, property owner associations also manage condominiums. Condo owners can do anything inside their unit but not outside their unit. You must clear all relevant points about what you can or cannot do in the condo at the time of signing the contract. You should check first whether the contract meets your requirements or not.

Choosing the best condo for you

The condo you buy is like buying a single-family home. Choosing the most comfortable and accessible are the keys. The condo offers joint property ownership with partners and can use public recreation areas. Condos are a cheaper option compared to the property market. Some property owners offer condominiums with private kitchens and bedrooms that allow condo residents to cook their own meals. Therefore, it allows you to save more money this way. Condos offer ownership without abuse, maintenance, repair, and security concerns. Condos are a luxury and inexpensive housing option, and you can spend your holiday in a beautiful location. Before making a purchase, check parking spaces, bathrooms, fireplaces, condo areas, amenities such as swimming pools, health clubs, local fees, and security arrangements.

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that finding a condo with many facilities will save more, and you can find all those ease in Canninghill Piers. Located near River Valley Road, Canninghill Piers offers you the best condominium with a bunch of facilities. Owning a Canninghill Piers condo can give you lots of easiness. As the location is linked to Fort Canning MRT, it will save your time more traveling and even working. What about a condo for investment? Take a look at the next section.

Is it good investing in a condo?

As property needs are getting higher each year, investing in this is a good choice. If you do not have sufficient money to invest in real estate or a house, then you can try a condo. Before purchasing a condo for your investment, make sure that you have answered the following question. For instance, it is suitable with your lifestyle, the condo types, how much you can expense, and how you will purchase the condo. You should research the reputation of the builder on the internet or in person before signing any kind of agreement. Canninghill Piers condo is developed by Legend Quay Pte Ltd, and it is totally safe investing in this.

Read the sale and purchase agreement carefully and check all the terms and conditions that will apply to the transaction. Make sure about all the details from the condo homeowners association, which includes the monthly maintenance fee. The decision to buy a condominium should be based on social, legal, and financial understanding. You should check if the property is right for you and your family for a long period of time. When purchasing a condominium, important documents such as operating budgets, management agreements, and regulatory agreements should be reviewed.

What makes Canninghill Piers is a good choice?

People who want to purchase a condo either for an investment or stay will choose a condo with many facilities, accessibility, and affordable prices. Canninghill piers has it all. Liang Court, that’s how Singaporean used to call it, is a complex with tons of facilities. You will see a shopping mall, hotel, and apartment near the building. Canninghill Piers has a twin tower that contains 24 stores and 48 stores residential towers. Your needs will be fulfilled here, even for entertainment, such as a sky club or a clubhouse, sky bridge connecting the other towers, infinity pool, flexy lounge, jogging track, children’s play area, and many more.

This residential area offers you great attractions as the location is near Fort Canning Hill and Singapore river that can give you great scenery from your room. If you do not have a vehicle and use public transportation for your mobility, then it is your best choice. Besides, it also connects with Fort Canning MRT station. In addition, if you need a place to dine in or hang out, there will be many food and beverage destinations nearby. Launched in 2021, there are several room choices for you, such as one to five-bedroom apartments and so on. There is no need to wait any longer; visit the Canninghill Piers website and get the consultation of which unit you want to have.

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