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Avid gamers hardly like to watch unedited, raw gameplay. The internet, especially YouTube, should actually not consist of such videos because most of them can easily be transformed into engaging clips with a bit of effort and time. And yes, they will attract many viewers as well.

Remember, people’s attention span is very short, and most of them do not like to go through the entire gameplay. Gamers either have to solve problems in between games, or they want entertainment. And the best way of delivering this is by editing a gaming video and by making it enjoyable and helpful.

Here, we will be going through the tips that can help you in editing gaming videos like a pro. First things first, you should have an idea of the right video maker online to go about with the process of making videos smoothly. Let’s see how:

  1. Choose the Right Gaming Video Editor

The good news here is that there are several decent and free games video editor available across the market. Hence, it would not be a big deal for you to make the right choice here. Go with one that satisfies your requirements with its varied features.

A pro tip here would be going for the video editors recommended by popular gaming YouTubers. Also, make sure to choose editors that are lightweight and free. By lightweight, it means the editors that work on PCs with the lowest specifications.

So, get the right tool downloaded online and verge on a real adventure instantly.

  1. Come Up with a Step-by-Step Preparation Plan

You must plan your gaming production ahead of time. You will have to merge and cut a major part of your video if you are looking to create Walkthroughs and Let’s Play sessions. Also, you will have to go somewhere beyond editing if you are looking to create a guide.

Having the right plan is always the key. No, you don’t need to have a thoroughly detailed situation with the script, but it always works to have a very clear concept of the video you are trying to come up with.

  1. Highlight Best Moments

If you think that video effects are of no use when editing gaming videos, you are wrong. They look absolutely perfect when it comes to emphasizing specific moments during the game or driving the viewers’ attention to a particular object within the scene.

There are a number of techniques you can try out when highlighting the best moments. These include creating suspense with freeze, changing colors to suit the right mood, and focusing on a particular subject.

  1. Your Gaming Video Should Definitely Have an Intro

Prior to uploading your video on any of the media channels, it is recommended to take that extra step and create a short introduction. The intro for your gameplay need not be fancy, but it should definitely be there.

That’s because gaming video intros play an essential role in making videos stand out. Additionally, you can use intros to add CTAs and encourage the viewers to follow or subscribe to you on social media platforms.

It’s only once that you need to come up with an intro. Once it has been created, you need to save it in the form of a template and keep using it as and when required.

  1. Adjust Colors in Your Gameplay Video

Making color adjustments to recorded gaming videos can make them more appealing. You can do this by using the special effects section of your gaming video editor. The majority of the gaming video editors come with settings for brightness and contrast and tools possessing instant color correctors.

Make certain improvisations on saturation and check the previews for the changes. Make it a good idea to use varied combinations for brightness contrast. This will indeed offer you the finest details.

  1. Do Not Forget to Trim Your Gaming Videos

Most of the time, gamers make the mistake of recording lengthy videos, and thus, they are not able to post the same online because of their heavy sizes. Hence, it is necessary to cut the gaming videos down into varied sections prior to editing them. This helps in making varied stories.

The majority of the gaming video editors can easily handle mp4 files, and the same can even be posted on social media channels very easily. So, a pro tip here is trimming lengthy videos into small parts so the interest of the viewers will be maintained over everything that is posted.

Gaming video editor

  1. Effects and Transitions Work

Effects and transitions are probably the most interesting things that need to be implemented in gaming videos. In case you have large video files with several parts, you can easily add impressive effects and transitions to these parts.

This is called top quality and impressive video modification. Remember, the game videos that come with several settings and exclusive transition effects along with highly advanced filters are considered highly professional.

  1. Add Audio

Can you ever think of uploading gaming videos online without any audio? This will be a terrible idea as it will do nothing but annoy the viewers. The gaming videos that have attractive background sound playing in a flawless manner improve the energy level and mood of the viewers.

  1. Choose the Right Setting

It is always crucial to choose the right setting when recording gaming videos. The PC settings that work for your game should be clearly defined so that the players do not come across any problems in the middle of the gaming session.

Also, you need to be consistent with the features and the computer settings required for playing your games. Making changes to these on a regular basis will do nothing but annoy the viewers or gamers. So, next time they will not feel the urge to watch your gaming video.

To Conclude

So, by now, it might be very clear to you about how to edit gaming videos, right? If any one of the above-mentioned tips is able to help you out with your objective of securing growth with your gaming channel, it would be worth using the tip.

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