Everything to Know Before Buying a California Beach House

California beach houses have been a symbol of wealth and success for the last hundred years, and it’s not slowing down any time soon! From fantastic views to the perfect weather year-round, there are endless things to see and enjoy if you live here.


Unfortunately, it’s not smart to buy any property without much deliberation. Before purchasing any California beach house, these are the top things to consider to ensure you get your best pick.

How Earthquake and Storm Proof the Building Is

Luckily the west coast doesn’t have to worry about as many ocean storms as the south does: but you should still be aware of how stormproof your property is. This includes how capable the structure is against standing up against earthquakes. The average Los Angeles homes for sale went through hundreds of earthquakes in 2021. 


Of course, most of these were between 2.0 and 3.0, meaning they likely didn’t feel it, but you should still want to buy a property that can stand its own against larger ones as well.

Coastal Changes Expected Within the Next Few Years

In mid-2021, Nasa put out statements saying there would be dramatically worse U.S. coastal flooding starting in the 2030s because of changes in the moon’s orbit and raising seal levels from climate change.


But, unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this from happening, and there’s no way to predict how these changes will affect the coastline, so when you’re buying a property, you must pay attention to how close to the shores you are. 

What’s Nearby for Entertainment and Fun

Entertainment matters! Although the beaches are fantastic, you’ll want to sneak away for fun clubbing or other entertainment from time to time. Because of this, you should look into how far everything is from your beach house.


For example, would you have to drive over half an hour any time you wanted to eat out? Is there any fun theater nearby that would let you catch the latest movies? Do your research and ensure you’re not stranding yourself far from everything.

How Recently Was the Roof and Siding Updated

The roof and siding of a home can only last an average of twenty to fifty years. In a beach home, where it’s more exposed to the elements, this time could be even shorter. Look into the age of the home’s components any time you’re trying to buy a home, and then calculate the cost of replacing these if they’re old enough to be a concern.

Can You Talk the Price Down Any

It’s vital to try and talk the price down if you can. The average Californian beach home is incredibly expensive, so you must try to save money where you can. Although you might not get to talk them down by hundreds of thousands of dollars: saving $30,000 can still be a major win! 

Buying a Beach House is a Luxury Many Want!

Although beach real estate is limited, countless people are vying for a slice of beachfront real property. Make sure that when you’re shopping for your future home or vacation house, you look into all of these things and consider if it’s the best place for you.

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