safety precautions

Rinsing the car with water, preparing one bucket for water and another bucket for cleaning solution, and wiping your car with microfiber towels – this is the most common method of cleaning a car. And there’s nothing wrong with these steps.

However, this cleaning procedure doesn’t always work well. What if your car went through a dirt road with thick mud? Well, you can’t just get rid of ultra-thick dirt from a car by just hosing it with water, applying a car shampoo, and then wiping it. It won’t give a great cleaning outcome.

safety precautions 4

To eliminate those hard-to-clean grime and dirt from your car exterior, using an electric pressure washer is one of the best ways to achieve it. If you’re going to combine it with a well-composed cleaning solution, no wonder your car will look brand new again.

But when pressure washing a car, you need to ascertain that you’re doing it correctly and you’re following the safety precautions. Because if you pressure wash your car without applying these precautions, your car might get damaged instead of getting cleaned.

So as you read on, you’ll learn some of the things you need to do and avoid when cleaning your car with an electric pressure washer.

safety precautions

Things You Need to Do When Pressure Washing a Car

  • Select an electric pressure washer that can carry and release water and soap at the same time. This will truly facilitate the cleaning activity.
  • Thoroughly check the condition of the electric pressure washer you’re about to use. You must also learn how to use it, do DIY maintenance, and know its functions.
  • Ascertain to use the most suitable soap or detergent. Ensure that the components infused in the soap or detergent you’re using are perfectly safe for the car paint.
  • For maximum safety, consider wearing closed-toe shoes. It would be very painful if you unintentionally directed the pressure washer wand onto your foot, that’s why this step is highly crucial.
  • The washing brush you’ll be using along with your electric pressure washer must be in great condition. Your sponges or brushes should also be rinsed very well. Otherwise, their grits might ruin your car paint.
  • Before pointing the electric pressure washer to your car, ascertain that the doors and windows of your car are totally closed.
  • Before you use your electric pressure washer, rinse off the car first with water to soften the dirt and get rid of the detritus.
  • Just in case your pressure washer can’t distribute soap or detergent, you can just manually scrub your car with a soft sponge and car-safe soap. After that, rinse the car off using your electric pressure washer.
  • It’s advisable to use the washer’s nozzle which forms a wide spray. The most suggested angle is 40 degrees as this will release water that’s powerful enough to clean the car excellently. The water that comes out from the pressure washer must not be so strong as it might damage your car.
  • Never forget to pressure-wash the surface underneath your car. That’s the dirtiest part for sure. If you want to get rid of the dirt with ease, you can set the nozzle to 25 degrees to create a more powerful water release.

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Things You Need to Avoid When Pressure Washing a Car

  • Never set the pressure washer to its highest pressure rate possible. This will undoubtedly damage the paint of your car, or worse, break the windows and windshield. The maximum pressure suitable for cleaning a car with a pressure washer is 1200 PSI.
  • Do not pressure-wash the engine and all the parts under the car hood.
  • Never use the electric pressure washer in your car’s interior. This would be absurd!
  • Do not point the nozzle too close to your car as this will create trouble. This would ruin your car paint and you’ll get your surroundings all wet.
  • When pressure washing, ascertain that your car isn’t parked on a surface with sand and tiny pebbles. Accidentally directing the electric pressure washer onto this kind of surface might cause the sand and pebbles from bouncing to your car. Once this happens, your car paint might be scratched and chipped off.
  • Do not pressure-wash your car if you’re not yet diluting the soap or detergents with water.
  • Never begin pressure washing from the bottom of your car. This won’t create good cleaning results. Ascertain that you’re pointing the pressure washer starting from the roof of your car downwards.
  • When pressure washing, never point the nozzle at one spot for a long time. You might end up damaging the car paint. Distribute the water release in a constant motion.
  • Never wear slippers or any open-toed shoes in the event of the cleaning process. Always put on closed-toe shoes.

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Use your Electric Pressure Washer Wisely

Generally, pressure washing a car is proven safe, efficient, and reliable. It truly expedites a difficult and exhausting cleaning task. However, it’s always best to use your electric pressure wisely.


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