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Gas prices are on the rise and the Jones’s don’t know where to turn. Unfortunately employers don’t pay more to compensate for the escalating cost of fuel. This leaves families struggling to figure out the means to deal with the extra cost of travel. Less families are going on vacations, visiting relatives and taking unnecessary trips away from home. More and more people are turning to electric powered cars, but trading in your car to incur the added expense of a new vehicle just isn’t viable for many families. In fact, it might not even be the wisest choice. The practical choice would be to simply convert your existing automobile into an electric one. This would give you all of the benefits of owning an electric car, without the hassle of car shopping, giving up a vehicle you love and are used to, and eliminate getting yourself into high payments. Converting your vehicle into an electric powered vehicle is actually quite affordable, much more so than today’s gas prices, and it is certainly more affordable than purchasing a new vehicle. Plus, you are saving yourself the added problems and worries that come with purchasing a new vehicle. Keep the car you already committed to and turn it into a vehicle that fits your needs. What is entailed in the electric car conversion is the removing of the gas engine of your vehicle, replacing it with electric car counterparts such as electric motors, water pump, batteries, and several other parts needed for an electric vehicle to run. Generally, you can just follow instructions given in the electric car kits for the entire procedure. While one doesn’t have to necessarily be a professional mechanic to convert their current vehicle to an electric one, you should have basic skills and knowledge of how the engine works to install the conversion kit yourself. If you have no knowledge, that’s okay, there are many good mechanics out there that would install your electric conversion kit for a reasonable price. Remember, in the long run the one time fee of a mechanics services would be well worth it. In the future, while everyone else is still sighing over the rising price of gas, you can be relishing in the fact that you still have the car you originally bought, picked out because it suited your wants and needs, all while beating those ridiculous prices at the pump.So before going down and trading in Bessy for a new and more expensive, electric car, consider instead turning Bessy into that inexpensive to run car that she used to be, and you hoped that she would one day be again.

The Many Alternatives Of Custom Made Automotive Interiors

Custom auto interiors often means different things to different people. It could be as simple as getting a name embroidered on the seat to having the entire inside of the car rebuilt.

Where old cars are concerned, custom auto interiors generally means restoring the auto back to the way it had been when it was initially produced. Power windows can be a nice feature, fairly easy to add to a car, but many with classic cars will keep the actual handle and do it manually, as that was the way the car was designed. I can see that. Residing in the south, I would have a more difficult time not adding air conditioning to an old car. It just gets hot. Though one such change can start to get a little costly. Another modern day convenience which has become a staple in our cars is our music. And by which I mean not what the radio stations would like to play, however what we want to hear. Whether that means having a compact disk player or even a jack for your iPod, that will be a change far and away from what the producer had initially planned.

We do like our new toys though. And as a person, we really like our cars. As technology frees us from plenty of things, making things faster, I find we are busier than we used to be. And we all spend an inordinate time in our vehicles. Particularly if you live in a big city.

Since we do spend a lot of time there, we enjoy being comfortable. Hence, custom auto interiors might mean just putting in things from time to time that will make your ride more comfortable. Maybe you would like heated seats, a television or two in the rear for the kids, a GPS system installed, or just some new seat covers as yours have worn out.

Pretty much anything that you can think of can be done to the interior of a car. If making a modification to your interior is one thing you are thinking of doing, you can look around and see what all is on the market. I am certain people have accomplished things you haven’t thought about yet.

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