Those that play card games rather infrequently or are actually new to the activity may not realize that there is a range of different playing card decks that are available to use.

Naturally, many will be aware of the classic deck that features suits, numbers and royal pictures, whilst others may be aware of those that consist of a number of novelty themes, such as those that feature popular TV shows, movie characters, sports stars and games.

Of course, playing cards can be found all around the world as there are a plethora of different games that can be played with them. For instance, classic games that include many different variations of poker, blackjack and baccarat are all amongst those to use cards, although these games no longer require the physical equipment, as the industry has been able to evolve over time via the advancement of technology, with it easier than ever to play these games online at a live casino.

Here are just some of the different types of playing card decks that can be found around the world, with many of the most common ones featuring.


Standard deck

A “standard deck” will typically be a set that has a typical look about them and one that is synonymous with any individual that has ever used a set of cards to play games before. Indeed, these cards have undergone various changes in the past in regards to their design, however the way they are provided has typically remained the same.

Players will find that each of the cards are generally designed in the same way, with clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts being used as the suits, whilst black and red are the colors that can be typically found. Admittedly, these can change and be customized, but only the Ace of Spades and the Jokers within a pack are different to each of the other cards available in the deck.

The layout and design provided will generally help players when playing games such as poker and blackjack, as they will be able to instantly recognize what cards they have, whilst the cards remain as functional as possible as they remain as simple to understand as possible.


Novelty deck

As mentioned earlier, one different variation to the traditional “standard deck” is the “novelty deck” that can be often found. Admittedly, these are not typically used all that often for games that are perhaps played in a serious environment, but they can be found in games at a more sociable event, as they help to bring an element of fun and entertainment to the experience.

A simple definition and way to identify whether a deck is considered “novelty” is to see whether it has been customized in a way that differs from a classic approach. For instance, we mentioned above that inspiration could be taken from a TV show or a film, with characters from the screen being used as the Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and even Jokers at times.


Game deck

There are some games that have been created that require a specialized set of playing cards, with their own decks having been produced. These are often known as “game decks”.

Although they will not typically be too different to a “standard deck”, they will have some noticeable differences such as the number of cards that are being used or the points value each card represents, depending on the type of game being played. Canasta and Euchre are games that will have different decks being used, as a standard 52-card deck will not be deemed enough or will have far too many cards to use.


Faro deck

A “faro deck” is a vintage playing set that has a rather distinctive look about them compared to many of the other examples already outlined. The main difference, though, is that whilst they still adopt a classic approach in regards to style, this particular deck of cards does not contain any numbers or letters on their cards.

The cards would generally be full-faced and players would simply have to count up all of the icons that appeared on the card in order to work out what it was. It was not until Americans in the mid-19th century decided to add the number to the cards in order to make things a lot easier for those playing.

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