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Pamper your feet with elegant and ultra-comfortable sandals!

A pair of comfortable walking sandals is a must for all your a venturesof walks.

Do you often have injuries, blisters or slight pain? Then it’s time to try new sandals!

Meet OrthoSandy™ Comfortable Sandals now! These comfortable and fashionable women’s sandals offer excellent support for an ultimate walking experience.

7 reasons why I need OrthoSandy™ Comfortable Sandals:

Excellent foot support – These sandals provide maximum support for the arch by distributing the pressure evenly. This reduces muscle tension, heel discomfort, fatigue and stabilizes your posture.

Posture Correction – If you wear our OrthoSandy™ daily, the knees that deform will be corrected. It will also allow you to increase your height by 5 cm, which will instantly make you bigger and safer!

Breathable Lining – This comfortable shoe is designed with small breathable holes, allowing air to flow freely inside and outside the sandal. This allows you to wear them even during the hottest summer days!

Soft, durable and non-slip soles – These sandals have a lightweight sole and a rubber sole for extra comfort and good grip on all surfaces. They are robust enough to support the arch, but also offer enough flexibility to allow the foot to flex naturally.

Easy to match any outfit – With a classic cut and an elegant look, these sandals fit perfectly with everything from trendy jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts.

The best sandals for the outdoors – These sandals are perfect for hiking and many other activities. For example, wear them to the beach, the park or during an afternoon of shopping. Comfortable feet guaranteed, all day long!

Ideal Gift Option – Please a person with sensitive feet with these beautiful orthopedic shoes! Happy feet guaranteed!


OrthoSandy sandals cut just and slightly wider than usual sandals in order to offer you maximum comfort.

Included in your package:

1 pair of OrthoSandy™ Comfortable Sandals

Order today and get 50% off while supplies last and enjoy FREE shipping!

Satisfaction or refund guarantee within 30 days:

If the size, or anything else, does not fit with your order, we will take care of finding a solution. You are entitled to a 30-day guarantee 100% satisfied or refunded, without question asked.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@cactusparty.fr.


Life of the Little One

Loving life and myself – one step at a time

Our existence is proof we are miracles. Two people have to meet at the same place and time to put you into existence. Billions and trillions of sperm marathon to the egg, and only the strongest survives. You are the metamorphosis from something microscopic into […]


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Rental and sale of party equipment and articles

Are you having a private event? At YourParty we specialize in renting and selling party items and party equipment for private events, which should be a little out of the ordinary. We have a wide range of party items and party feathers, ranging from custom entrances and VIP bracelets to cool music equipment and lazers, which can make even the most deaf people jump up to the dance floor and break loose. In short, we can help you with party items and party equipment that enable you to throw the party you have always dreamed of at affordable prices.

Are you going to have a surprise party? YourParty can help with advice for the perfect youth party. We know what’s in and have all the right party gear and party items to make the ultimate party.

In the menu on the right you can click on our wild offerings, party equipment, party items, drinks recipes, drinking games and even find a little help with cleaning after the party.

We make private events wilder!

AndyOp at Roskilde

andyop_cover_forside.jpgAndyOp at Roskilde

On 16.4, roskilde festival announced its final programme for ’08. This year, in the fine company of fantastic musicians, you could find the album-current AndyOp, who together with Søren Strøm will blow for a cultural match on this year’s Cosmopol stage.

To call the young, and always debate-generating, rapper’s participation in the biggest music event of the year other than Almost Perfect would be an understatement of dimensions.


Charlie Bronson

This website is a celebration of Charlie’s art; a recreation of the mind, body and soul of Mr Charlie Bronson (the artist formerly known as Michael Peterson). Born 6th December 1952, Charlie has spent the best part of 38 years’ imprisoned.

During that time, a kindly prison officer gave Charlie some art materials: ‘Let’s see what you can do with them!’ The result has been some mind-blowing and challenging art that documents his journey through the English penal system, to the secure hospitals of Rampton, Ashworth and the notorious Broadmoor.

Charlie’s art has developed, matured and grown as influences has flitted in and out of his life; Francis Bacon, Joe Coleman and Dali have proved a weighty influence on Charlie’s art. But he truly has a style of his own. When you look at a Bronson piece of art, be it a prison, asylum or animal piece, you KNOW you are looking at a Bronson piece. He has an artistic voice all of his own, one that has refined with age.

His art has sold and exhibited around the world. It provokes thought, emotion and above all else, humanity in us. Humanity for a fellow human being who still finds himself imprisoned and fighting for freedom.

Charlie has achieved so much, from the confines of solitary confinement. One day the Birdman will fly from the cage and his soul will be free. One day.

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