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Charlie has recently found inspiration from a New York artist called Travis Louie, whose work is heavily influenced by Victorian portraits and bizarre fantasy creatures.

Some of Charlie’s later work reflects the heavy influence of Louie, although Charlie is

at pains to emphasise that he takes this influence and gives it the Bronson twist. He would never plagiarise a fellow artist (“I’m not a thief!”) but he draws inspiration on a daily basis, from moving imagery as well as printed matter. Anything around him can inspire a piece of art.

Spiders are one of the subjects closely associated with Prisoner BT1314. Charlie can take the simplicity of a spider, add a line of text and make it poignant or comedy genius. Charlie claims that he can do Spiders in his sleep. We did challenge this by placing a pencil in his right hand while he snoozed but we have yet to see any evidence this is true!

Charlie also gives this comedic tone to his Flowers. A simple idea, injected with humour, which brings pleasure to so many. He does successful characterisations of celebs as well as tribute pieces for close friends and family, when they have lost a loved one.

Charlie receives many requests from people, asking for pieces to auction for charity (many more than he can fulfil). But his art is shown around the world and has raised thousands for worthy causes.

His art also shows his ability to be pragmatic about his own position, upbeat against the most adverse of positions – and that this is, above all, a man with a heart and a soul.


ABOUT CharlieBronsonArt.Com

Many years ago, a prison officer handed Charlie some art materials and pens. Charlie said “But I’m not an artist, I can’t draw.” But then he let his imagination run wild and his soul run free. And the results you see on the site come from those very beginnings. From little acorns, oak trees grow.

Charlie’s world is bars, locks, bare walls;

he creates from his mind.

You and I have the world around us;

nature, beauty, people, animals.

Appreciate it, enjoy it and above all else 

cb flower

We are here to spread the word about Charlie’s art; his inspirations, his loves, his inner thoughts and the creative process behind his work. Put your money away, it has no currency here in the land of the insane. We don’t exist for profit, we cannot be bought, you get the picture? We are fellow artists and we share the love and spread the word. We want Charlie’s art to fly across the world and touch everyone; man, woman, child… and beast (after all, beasts need love too!) Come follow us, it’s going to be an amazing journey and we don’t want to do it without you.

Bring your individually sized toothpaste and travel hairdryer…

and hang on to your hat because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Charlie Bronson

Born Again Artist


You want news, we’ll give it to ya. If he so much as sneezes and it’s artistic, we will tell you about it. Always check the News Page when you come to visit us (you never know, we may have fallen asleep and you could sneak up and draw some glasses on us with permanent pen). Go on, UNLEASH THE ARTIST IN YOU! You’ll know when we have new news… you’ll hear us shuffling our papers.



Everyone seems to blog nowadays. We

don’t like to behave like sheep (although we do sometimes wear wooly coats in winter time), but we will endeavour to keep people informed with news of Charlie’s art and any up and coming events … but don’t hold us to it! We are old fashioned and don’t do blogs…right?

Barely 12 hours after launching, 270 visitors. Yes, you didn’t know we’ve been watching you, did you? Like a pervert with his eye against the cut out hole in the wall, we see you. We’re watching you, watching us.. watching you? Thank you for visiting. Close the door on your way out, there’s a terrible George Raft in here!

Look what we got! From the man himself. What a generous soul he is. We think he likes us… like a shy 5th former in the playground, he keeps giving us sneaky looks and shuffling his feet. And look what he drew for us!

“My art has been my saviour, it has kept me sane. Without art there is nothing…”



Well it seems we get allsorts visiting our website. But the proprietor of Gangland Memorabilia must be Bertie Bassett! 12 pieces of Charlie Bronson’s art (some of which are only featured on our site) were copied shamelessly and Gangland Memorabilia tried to sell them via ebay to unsuspecting members of the public. Luckily the Metro has highlighted this, as well as our friends over at the Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund, who exposed the fake listings. Good work fellas!

Charlie Bronson

Born Again Artist



Anyone who knew Roy Shaw has been left deply saddened by the news on his passing in July. A true gentleman and solid friend to Charlie over many years, Roy was arguably one of the toughest boxers this country has seen and truely a born fighter in every sense of the word. Charlie created a tribute art to Roy, featured here. CBART would like to extend their condolences to Roy’s family at this difficult time.

It seems Charlie has been in a reflective mood this month which is certainly displayed in his work. Enjoy the art people and think of Charlie.


Wake up and smell the coffee! Never walk backwards into a Madman’s nightmare! Only the strongest survive… and they don’t come any stronger than Charlie Bronson. Nearly four decades in prison, almost all of that time in solitary confinement. It’s enough to drive a man insane. Welcome to the mad, bad, sometimes sad but always entertaining world of Charlie Bronson, born again artist. When he speaks, we hear a little Cockney Sparra chirping… and this is what he says

Born Again Artist

drawn frame

We’ve never really understood the point of small print. We believe it has hidden conditions, only there to trick the consumer and test your eye sight. We don’t have any small print (well, except for this small print). But we felt we should add some, just to make us look official. But don’t worry, when things go wrong and life seems to be conspiring against you, we won’t say ‘Ahhh, well you should have read the small print.’ Life is sometimes unfair. We feel life has been unfair to Charlie. So if you want to do something to help release him and free the soul of a born again artist, google ‘Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund’.

We are mysterious little bods, we don’t trust modern technology. We believe mobile phones suck out your creative juices. But you can email us. We handle our computers whilst wearing oven proof gloves (it makes us feel safer).

Got something to say? Contact us. Maybe you

want to know more about a piece of

Charlie’s art, or you have a question

about the man himself

(we get lots of questions about Charlie,

he is a mysterious figure), maybe your

question isn’t about art OR Charlie,

maybe it’s affairs of the heart or a culinary based conundrum you have. Whatever your quizzle (we made that word up, do you like it?). Don’t be frightened, we don’t bite (well, unless we haven’t had dinner). We are here to help and we want your feedback. But I warn you, don’t ask us for free pieces of Charlie’s art, that makes us very angry (and you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry). Nothing in this life is free, everything has a value and a price. We think Charlie’s art is priceless and we want people to enjoy it and embrace it (no tongues).

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