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There is now a huge number of real money video slots in the US thanks to multiple states finally sorting out their online gambling legislation. Before this, and in the 40+ states in which online casinos are still not strictly legally allowed to operate, there have always been free online slots. Now these could be video slots on a software provider’s website you can play for free, slots on what is known as a social casino, or video slots that you find on free websites. The question is, can you win real money playing these free US online slot games?

Winning Real Money for Free Playing Video Slots Using a Bonus

Most online casinos in the US in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware come with bonus deals. These bonus offers are geared towards giving you a bonus balance alongside your real money balance so you can play video slots using free bonus money. Some of the best free slots USA found here include Starburst, Hotline, Cleopatra, Gonzo’s Quest, and more. You can use your bonus money to bet in these slots and there is a chance to convert that bonus into real money.

Here’s an example of how it works. You sign up to the casino and as a thank you for becoming a member; the casino gives you $10, which you can use on slots. You cannot withdraw the bonus money until you play through the wagering requirement. This could be 20x for example. So 20 x $10 = $200. Consequently, this means you will need to go on a hot streak and win $190 in bonus money from your $10 bonus. Once you have placed a total of $200 worth of bets, you get $10 in real money as your reward.

This is entirely possible if you consider most video slots have an average RTP (return to player) of 96%, or in other words, the slot’s average house edge is just 4%. In theory, you should win $9.60 from your first $10 worth of bets. That said, playing slots is like flipping a coin or rolling dice. The odds might be 1-in-2 or 1-in-6, respectively, but we all know it is not an exact science and never plays out that way. That said, the free bonus money still gives you that fighting chance of winning real money for free.

Even though you are in fact playing real money slots using free bonus money, which casinos giveaway as part of their marketing, you are not exactly winning, playing free slots, so the question remains, can you win real money with free us online slot games?

Free Slots Using Play Money at Online Casinos

Free slots are basically demo slots. You get to play them using either play money given to you by the casino, or you literally play the slot’s demo mode. Check out Pragmatic Play slot games here. This is the perfect example of free demo slots you will find at US online casinos. The brand is already supplying its slots to casino platforms in the US, so you’ll likely recognise some of these titles. And what’s more is you can play the demo games in US dollars.

Now if you are playing a ‘free slot’ or ‘demo slot’, then you cannot win real money playing on these titles. Everything is there for show, and while the RNG (random number generator) algorithms producing the outcome and the gameplay are the same as those on real money slots, the wins are just there for show.

Winning Real Money Playing Slots at Social Casinos

Another point you might have heard is that there are ways of winning real money playing at social casinos built for web browser, android, and iOS apps. However, this is not strictly true because social slots pay you in tokens. However, you could win cash via social casino’s sweepstakes games where players can win cash and prizes, which is the only way to win free cash playing free slots.

How Can You Win Real Money Playing Free Slots?

We already established you can win real money playing slots using bonus money. However, you are not exactly playing free slots, so we can disregard this. Demo slots are free real money slots versions there to give you an example of what to expect from the game before you commit cash and do not pay real money. Then there are social casino slots, which are free, but you don’t win real money and instead win tokens, but you could win the sweepstakes and get cash this way.

This leaves us with a single way to win real money playing free slots. You will need to find a website that uses slots as a raffle or to deliver prizes – so basically a slot that is being used like a lotto or bingo machine in a raffle style scenario whereby there are cash prizes, holidays, cars, etc win. In the end, the best way to win free money playing slots is to look for bonus deals.

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