A computer network is a very critical part of the overall IT infrastructure of any organization, no matter how small or big the company is. A single breach in the network can cause a lot of damage caused to the organization and its infrastructure can be devastating. This can be damage caused to the data that a company holds or causes damage to the overall IT Infrastructure. Many organizations take their IT or Network security very seriously and consider securing their computers and other assets very seriously.


For small businesses, the need for IT security software or any other program might prove to be overkill but it is good that you take a proactive measure and follow strict IT security policies to mitigate and respond to a breach.


Apart from that one can use a secure internet service like the one offered by internet services providers that offer the best TV and internet bundles to make things more affordable for your small-scale business.


There are other ways to make sure your that business networks stay secure by using measures like:


Update Your Passwords After Every Quarter

Your passwords work like the key to your cupboard or your safe where you have all your information and important documents stored. One of the most used and very obvious phrases and passwords used even today is “password” or a straight number series.


These are also the first passwords or combinations tried by different hackers. So it is a good idea not to use such phrases or combinations and use some difficult and least usual phrases that can be a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Making your password complicated can help anybody except you very difficult to guess and will notify you in case somebody tries to use your password wrongly.


Also, it is a good idea that you and your staff change their passwords on a quarterly basis or at least after 3 months. Also, using two-factor authentication can help you get an extra layer of security for your network and computers.


Install And Keep And Check On Your Firewall

One of the first things that businesses do is get a firewall installed on their network which can be hardware or software that blocks any unauthorized access to your company’s network or the computers installed on it. You can access your system using this set of rules or firewalls and are allowed access.


These firewalls are becoming more sophisticated because of activities by malicious elements including Hacktivists and hackers. The latest firewalls get integrated with your network’s security and get better encryption methods and approaches that work together and nullify a breach attempt.


Use A Virtual Private Network or VPN

Using VPNs was one of the most beneficial and easy ways to get everybody who was working for their organizations remotely during the pandemic. The good thing is that one of the best things to do is to keep these on your employees’ computers at all times as working remotely is part of the process now.


Many small-scale businesses allow their employees to work from homes or some other parts of the world the networks make sure that your resources and your network are available only for people who are supposed to have access to the system. Also, VPNs decrease the probability of getting your computers or your network getting infiltrated if a hacker gets access to wireless access points.


Try Using Advanced Endpoint Detection

If you want to respond to the ever-evolving threats that are created by miscreants throughout the world, using advanced technology with endpoint detection. To get this done, these programs use AI and watch for indications of compromised parts of your network and react accordingly and address the threat.


Also, it collects information from different network devices and analyzes this information and keep endpoint logs, etc. and responds accordingly and quickly to identify and respond to threats.


Train Your Employees

One of the most important practices to secure your networks and empower your people is to make sure your team knows how sensitive a breach in the network is and the different ways they can identify and respond to such events. Also, they should know who to report this and how to report such an occurrence.


Apart from that, you should educate them about the ways a hacker or any other miscreant can enforce an attack and compromise the organization’s network. For this, you can provide them with mandatory awareness programs and meetings and even short courses and let them know about your company’s IT-related policies and different important knowledge about the kind of threats out there and ways miscreants can use a small doorway and penetrate your organization’s infrastructure.


Use Encryptions On Your Files

Many people and organizations use different security measures already to secure their documents, important information and accounts. This means that they understand the criticality of getting hacked or if someone tries to penetrate in the network and the information gets compromised. So it is good to use encryption to protect your sensitive data if you are using Windows or macOS. There are special software that can help you mask your IP and you can identify that your website is secure to access by looking for “https” in the address bar. Also, look for a padlock icon before you trust a website.


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In the end, one can say that no matter you are running a small-scale business or you have a multi-million dollar brand, online threats remain the same for almost everybody. All you can do is either empower your employees make sure that they are capable of responding to a threat or make sure that you have the appropriate security measures installed on your computers and computer networks.

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