gaming glasses

What is the best way to spend your day off? Relax on a beach, watch your favourite shows or maybe games all day long.

If it’s gaming then you need to have all your gears. A high-resolution screen with an optimum processor, best controllers or a functioning non-jamming keyboard, comfy chair that can swivel and of course an effective gaming glasses.

You can make do without a comfy chair. You can add more cushions to your chair and make them comfy to sit for long hours. You might not have the best controllers or joystick, but a functioning keyboard can work out. But your gaming hours can get interrupted because of not wearing proper glasses.


Why is gaming without gaming glasses not good?

A high-resolution screen emits blue lights. These blue lights over time will strain your eyes and tire you out. You will have to stop your gaming and have to give your eyes rest. This might happen while you are in between an important match and your eyes start hurting. You will not be able to concentrate on your gameplay and will have to relieve your eyes. It is frustrating when you have to stop your game for whatever reason. You will be annoyed as if your whole day off feels like a waste. But if you wear good quality gaming glasses, you don’t have to stop in between and play as long as you want.

Gaming without gaming glasses will also make your vision blurry, give you a headache and make your eyes dry. Your efficiency reduces and you might lose a winning game.

What are the best gaming glasses?

The best gaming glasses are the ones that give you a clear and comfortable vision while gaming. You are able to see the screen without getting any glares from the bright screen. You will be able to clearly differentiate between colours and your performance improves because of the clarity.

Blue light filter glasses are the best gaming glasses as these glasses block the blue light emission which is responsible for giving your eye strain. Wearing these glasses will reduce the eye strain, headache and fatigue you get while spending a lot of time looking at the computer screen. You will not get blurry vision or double vision.

These glasses will give you a clear and comfortable vision. Your gaming efficiency will improve. Whether it is esports, RPG or some FPS games, you will be able to increase your efficiency. You can play solo or at a party and improve your ranks.

Most blue light filter glasses block only 60-90 per cent of blue light emission. These are effective but not like the one that blocks almost all blue light emission. X-Blue UV from Specscart can block 99.99 percent of blue lights. You can use these lenses for your gaming glasses and improve your gaming efficiency. You can get a stylish frame from Specscart if you like to live stream your gameplay and get X-Blue UV lenses on them.

Buy glasses online in the UK with blue light filter lenses in stylish frames. You will get the cheapest option from Specscart. The starting price for the glasses is only £29 and you can get quality lenses at frugal prices.

Not a Glasses user?

Your eyesight is perfect and you don’t wear glasses. You can still wear these gaming glasses. These will not affect your eyes but will protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays emitted from the computer.

Also, long hours of gaming can disrupt your sleep cycle. If you are not having proper sleep at night and your mind replays all the game scenes preventing you from falling asleep, you should start using blue light blocking glasses or stop playing games for some time.

Blue light makes your mind active and alert. Overexposure to this light can disrupt your sleep cycle and causes your inability to fall asleep. Your body is tired, mind is tired but you cannot fall asleep as your brain has not given a command to fall asleep.

Whether glasses users or not, if you are suffering from insomnia, you should cut down on your computer screen time or at least not use a computer or any digital device two hours before sleeping. This can help in regulating your sleep cycle. Wearing blue light glasses while gaming or working on a computer can ease your eye pain and also regulate your sleep cycle. And when your sleep cycle is regulated, you will always wake up refreshed and active. You will be able to play better.

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